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    The 5 Best Things about Being a Swimmer


    Swimming is good for the soul

    It's no secret that exercise is good for us. Not only does swimming strengthen muscles and improve endurance, this sport helps you maintain a healthy weight outside the pool. Who wouldn't want to increase their metabolism and look fit? There's a good chance you might grovel during a set of 30 x 100s, but afterward…the satisfaction sets in. Combined with green hair and the best tan lines, swimming keeps your heart and mind healthy every time you take the plunge.

    Those that swim together, stay together

    Swimmers tend to bond together, not only in the water, but on land as well. Working out together not only creates a strong relationship, but acts as a mutual hobby you love to do with a friend or loved one. Our teammates get us through the toughest workouts or commend us in the water for having a terrific practice. Known as our family in the water, our lane buddies are more than just competitors, they are our friends for life.

    Going for your goal

    Sure, 5 a.m. practices don’t make you want to skip across the pool deck, but nothing feels better than hitting the wall after the mile or destroying a time you set for yourself. We witness first-hand the effects of hard work and fierce passion when we see the finish line. And if we don't succeed, it's only motivation for us to figure out what went wrong and try again. That determination translates to other areas of our life, outside the water. 

    Stress-free strokes

    Go ahead, let your mind wander in the water. Whether you’re in the middle of a workout or leisurely swimming in the waves, this sport gives you the time to release stress you may have been carrying around with you all day long. Forget what's going on outside the pool and focus on your peaceful state-of-mind lap after lap. For those that want to time their lap, carries great lap counters

    Not just for the young

    Not having to give up your favorite sport is a beautiful thing. Fortunately, swimming continues to improve the lives for every age-- kids and adults, from Learn to Swim to Masters. Not only is swimming a low impact activity, but it's also easy on your joints and bones. Swimming might just be the fountain of youth after all… and it truly is a sport for life.

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    6 years ago.
    I'm a 12 year old swimmer. Been swimming since I was 8. Swim 4 days a week.
    Swimming takes time and practice and strength for me growing up is going to be hard with my shoulders. :)
    7 years ago.
    I am learning how to swim at 49! but it feels so great and I can't wait to do laps!
    7 years ago.
    Maybe a simple way of thinking about swimming as exercise..... When you jog, your knees feel the weight of your body pounding down, and your feet slap the pavement to the hopes of some cardio help while you sweat buckets. When you ride your thighs scream and your calves yell for relief, while your upper body relaxes and worries about steering. But........while swimming, the buoyancy of the water helps you rise to the top of the water ( you don't get that natural help from any other kind of exercise) and all of your body exercises in a cool environment. You exercise your muscles from head to toe, and you get a great cardio workout as well. Swimming is the bomb for exercise. And.........if you can stay in shape you get to show off your smok'in hot bod in the latest swim wear. You have to check out swim outlets suits.......Oh Yah....!!
    7 years ago.
    Plus a swim in the warm tropical waters (temperature ramging around 76 degrees here on Guam, U.S.A.) has an added bonus, vibrant colorful fish darting around and sometimes right next to you. An early morning swim just as the sun is rising is akin to a mini-one hour vacation. Swimming is the absolute best way to start each and every day, all tension & stress dismissed from a hectic day.
    7 years ago.
    I started swimming for my health, I had not swam for many years, I had to take lessons again. I now swim three times a week, forty Five minutes to an hour. I'm 70 years old. My granddaughter gave me a T shirt that say's. Live to Swim- Swim to live.
    7 years ago.
    In no particular order:
    1) You don't get sweaty while exercising.
    2) Your only competition is yourself. You can strive for any goal you want, no matter how big or small.
    3) There are far fewer injuries than in other sports.
    4) Equipment is inexpensive: a suit and a pair of goggles is all you need.
    5) It's (great) exercise. [ed.]
    7 years ago.
    My daughters had to put together a picture board for senior night at the high school team. They swim for a Y club team so their friends are from many different school districts. They put the saying, "Rivals on Thursday (high school meets), team mates on Saturday (y meets) and friends for life." on their board with pictures from through the years of them and their swim friends.
    Bonnie S.
    7 years ago.
    What a nice article. You are right about friends for life. You go through alot, good times (pun intended) and bad times. What a sense of pride and accomplishment when the meet is over and you have made it across the lanes without losing your swim cap or goggles!
    Melanie shoaff
    7 years ago.
    Love your take on swimming workouts and the friendships you will have for life......
    My daughter swam and I can remember the green hair and 5:00 am workouts.....but was all worth it! I think all parents can relate who have kids who play a sport...........keep up the good work
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