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  • Feb

    The 10 Best Valentine's Day Ideas For Swimmers

    As swimmers, it's hard to catch a day off. We're constantly on the go, shuttling to and from practice and traveling to swim meets. So on Valentine's Day weekend, a weekend designed to be spent with the one(s) you love-- what's a swimmer to do?

    We're suckers for a good love story, so we're sharing a handful of Valentine's ideas for the swimmer in your life. Whether you're planning a galentines day with your best girlfriends or hoping for a romantic text from your crush, these are for you; 

    1) Bring your coach a warm coffee with a note that says, "we like you a latte" (get it?)

    2) Stick a love note in their swim bag for them to find when they get to the pool

    3) After practice, take your valentine out to get a burrito (or should we say, bae-rrito)

    4) Send them a sweet text that will be waiting on their phone when they get out of practice

    5) Have a heart shaped pizza delivered to the pool (because nothing says "I love you" like pizza-- are we right?)

    6) Stop by towards the end of their practice and wait by the pool with a warm towel (talk about the warm and fuzzies)

    7) Leave a box of chocolates on the diving block infront of their lane

    8) Buy matching Valentine's Day swim caps for you and your girlfriends

    9) Recite a cheesy pick-up line, like, "you make my heart flutter kick." Or, "Are you the 400m IM, because you take my breath away."

    10) Write "reasons why I love you" on the lap counter, and for each lap number write a different thing you love about them

    Enter to win a Cupid prize pack-- a pink TYR kickboard, Amanzi Puppy Love Silicone Cap, TYR Totes Adorbs Silicone Cap and a pair of Bling2O heart-shaped goggles. To enter, tell us how you will be celebrating Valentine's Day in the comments below. All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm PT on Monday, February 15. 

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    2 years ago.
    We will be running swim practice! Husband is the Head Coach, daughter is a juniour coach, I am the Club President and now that the Assistant Coach has strep, so I am in the water with the 6 and under group . We are all volunteers and will be spending Valentine's day soaked in chlorine! Not really romantic but hopefully a lot of fun!
    Erika Pelaez
    3 years ago.
    Im going to spend Valentine's day by training and eating lots of chocolates (like a lot lol)
    Bridget Reynolds
    5 years ago.
    I spent valentine's day with my team at a swim meet! I got three best times and dropped 18 seconds in my mile!
    Emily Wang
    5 years ago.
    I will be swimming my last age group meet My b day is on 2/17 so sad to move up!
    Jeana Casparro
    5 years ago.
    I will spend my Valentine's Day at morning swim training, followed by pizza, candy, family, and Netflix!
    5 years ago.
    I am spending my Valentine's Day at church in the morning because I need to thank God for swimming being over after yesterday. Then I will come home and clean a little because I have been doing none of that during this swim season. Afterward I will just relax and watch movies in bed and cat nap with my puppy. Nothing else seems to be as perfect as that.
    5 years ago.
    I'll be getting a heart shaped pizza for my 200 frelay squad and texting my other best friend's mom asking her how my friend is doing at regionals ?????
    zoey ahrens
    5 years ago.
    i will be spending valentines day by first doing what i love by going to swim practice and then afterwards coming home to who i love. My friends and family.
    5 years ago.
    The reasons why I love swimming because it gives me the passion to face stronger swimmers even legendary Olympic swimmers like Garrett Weber-Gale, Ryan Lochte, Rowdy Gaines, Jessica Hardy, Dominik Meichtry and all others who gave it their all with honor. My dream is to be number one and do it for my family, my friends and my late relatives. It's my passion and my drive to swim and have fun. Swimming helps me get rid of the stress inside my heart. I'm in the starting line in the race towards my dream. Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
    5 years ago.
    Movie night at home with my husband and kids!
    5 years ago.
    Snuggled and watching Netflix with a bottle of wine and popcorn and the pooch. A day off from the pool!
    5 years ago.
    I will be spending my Valentine's Day at the second day of a swim meet :/ guess I should've bought swimming a present since it's my valentine
    EVIE L
    5 years ago.
    I will be spending my Valentine's Day swimming, of course, at The Youngstown, Ohio Presidential Meet! It's a tradition!
    I'll also go sled riding with friends because we finally have enough snow!
    Suzy Byers
    5 years ago.
    I will be celebrating Valentine's Day with my swimmer watching her first college conference meet!! Then celebrating afterwards with some well deserved ice cream??
    5 years ago.
    Swim meet, Starbucks, Going to the beach to hang out and surf with friends and bae until sunset with a bonfire. Then cuddling up at home watching a movie and sleepover with friends.
    5 years ago.
    I'm spending Valentine's Day weekend in my bed, studying for a history test, and cheering on my team mates who are at a regional meet while sitting on my couch. Sunday, on Valentine's Day, I'm going roller skating with my best friends :)
    Madeline Wilson
    5 years ago.
    On Valentine's Day of course I have a 3 hour morning practice! After that I'm going to iHOP for some well deserved chocolate milk & pancakes with my boyfriend whose also a swimmer. Then later we are going ice skating (we can't keep away from the water haha) & having a Friends marathon!
    5 years ago.
    Valentine's Day will be celebrated by me and a few of my non-swimmer friends by going to our local burrito shop and seeing who can eat the most, the fastest... They're confident that they can beat me, but little do they know swimmers (such as myself) possess the extraordinary ability to consume upwards of three burritos in one sitting. Watch out, Chipotle!
    Tracy Madison
    5 years ago.
    Going to church, out to lunch & youth group
    Carol Kelley
    5 years ago.
    I will be spending it with my hubby!
    5 years ago.
    Watching my swimmer and her team at division II championships
    5 years ago.
    Staying in and spending time with my family :)
    Preparing myself for Monday morning practice too haha
    5 years ago.
    I'll be spending the day with my niece watching fun movies and eating lots of snacks! She say's "Pizza!"
    5 years ago.
    Having a Valentine's Day brunch at home with red velvet waffles!
    El Guapo
    5 years ago.
    Walking the dogs . Swim 2500 yds, take 89 yr old mother and 91 yr old mother-in - law out to dinner.
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