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    Swimwear for Every Size

    Many women may stray away from shopping for swimsuits due to the anxiety of not finding the right size or fit for their body type. This might be especially true for the plus size shopper, because there is a belief that plus size swimwear is very limited with its product offerings. However, that is certainly not the case. In the past few years, plus size swimwear has become very fashion-forward. Many plus size suits include slimming features, bold prints, and fashion-forwards designs. And when it comes to a great selection of plus size swimwear, has its customers covered! 

    Here at, we know that finding the right size and fit isn’t always easy. That is why we have made it our mission to carry a wide selection of swimwear for every body type. From pear-shaped to apple-shaped, we have suits for every body type that will complement a woman’s body. We carry a wide range of plus size swimwear, from 16W to 32W. Our merchandising team has made sure that the plus size swimwear on features flattering design elements for all body types. has some helpful tips to remember when shopping for a plus size suit. Don’t be afraid of ruffles or bold prints, as they can create a visual of a longer and slimmer body. Tiered ruffles, blouson tops, and flyaway tankini tops are great options for plus size women. Dark colors are suggested for areas on which you want less emphasis such as hips and thighs. High-cut bottoms can give the appearance of long, slender legs. Intricate necklines can draw attention away from your mid-section and focus on the beautiful curves of a women’s neck. And an A-Line swimdress can make your waist look smaller, and downplay the hips and thighs.

    Don’t be body conscious! creates a stress-free environment to find a swimsuit that will flatter your body, so you can flaunt what you got. Check out these swimsuits for different body types:

    1. The Coco Reef Maui Mix Plus Size Signature Twist Tankini Top makes your waist look small and accentuates your bust area with this bold design. This is a great suit for pear-shaped women.

    2. Apple-shaped women should look for suits like the Longitude Colorblocked One Shoulder Swimdress, great A-Line swimdress that will take attention away from your thighs and hips.

    3. The fun zebra print on the Maxine Plus Size Bold Beauty Tiered Tankini Top will be sure to flatter any plus size figure.  

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    7 years ago.
    I agree with the last comment. I need a higher neck, cross back suit that I can do 4-5 miles a week. I need a suit that won't scoop water - front or back. I'm afraid it's too late for fashion, I'm into athletics for health. I wear a 4x and have never found a suit on your site that would work.

    I'd love to see it!
    7 years ago.

    I like water classes and am a size 26 or so. The TUFFY with skirt has been my suit of choice for the last couple of years for its durability and modesty.

    I would be interested in something more light weight and less bulky. I'd also like a modest aerobic suit that doesn't take the size of a shoe box in a suitcase.

    I agree. There are swim suit dresses that are great for around the pool but not exercising in the pool. Many skirts float up and get in the way of arm movements and the skirts seem to lose their shape and drape down to the knees very quickly.
    7 years ago.
    I agree that most suits are cut too low. The only ones that are modest are the straight-across neckline ones, but they may have other shortcomings, like not enough bust support, and we know how that looks. Add a little age on the swimmer, and what you find is someone who will only swim at a women-only club. I got a leotard suit that goes almost to my knees, so I'm OK at the club, but I would certainly draw stares if I went out in public with it.
    7 years ago.
    Emily, thanks for your thoughtful comment. We sent you an email directly about this issue. Thank you for giving us your input. Our team is on it!
    7 years ago.
    I want to agree with you and cry thank you for having so many options, but sadly, your offerings for training suits in plus sizes is pretty limited. If I want to lounge and lay out, yes, you have plenty of options. However, for those of us above a size 16 (40) who are actually in high impact swim training, you have very few options and what you do have is cut too low for a busty person (the one speedo with the modesty patches leaves me with both breasts dangling about 85% of the time) or is made out of "Krinkle" material which is both ugly and dragtastic. I swim 5-8 miles per week and am in training for a 3 mile open water swim. I've spoken with your customer service representatives about putting pressure on training/competition suit makers to make more options available (especially for teams and life guards) but was told that you have no control over what the manufacturers offer, but if you don't, who does?

    I'm not alone, there are three people on my team who would love to give you my money, also two of the lifeguards at my pool and countless other friends in the open water swim community.

    We don't need tips on hiding our thighs or lip service, we need suits we can actually swim in.
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