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  • Oct

    Product Scoop: Open Water Goggles

    As swimmers, it's second nature to grab a pair of goggles and jump in to the pool. But what about those swimming in lakes, oceans or even rivers-- do the Speedo Vanquishers still get the job done? Of course your favorite racing goggles will work just as well in open water as they do in the pool, but there are specific open water goggles designed for the exposed sun and expanded line of sight. 

    In honor of Triathlon Week, we've rounded up some of our favorite open water swimming goggles (in no particular order) and highlighted some of their best atributes.

    1) Orca Killa Vision Goggles - The Orca Killa Vision goggles come in three different lens colors, each speciailizing in different conditions so you can choose the right goggle for your training. The red lens enhances contrast and vision in foggy and low-light conditions, great for early morning training or races. The blue lens protect your eyes from glare off of the water, which is perfect for all of the ocean lovers swimming in the afternoon. The aqua and mirrored lenses reduce sun, bright light and glare. Did we mention these goggles are 30% off today only?

    2) Zoggs Predator Polarized Ultra Goggle - Highly versatile, the Zoggs Predator Polarized Ultra goggles are our go-to goggles for open water swimming and lap swimming. With polarized and Fogbuster embedded anti-fog lenses, they eliminate glare and fog for optimized, clear vision which is beneficial in both the pool or open water. Hitting the lake? The Predators have a unique curved lens technology for 180-degree vision. And we're giving away a pair on the blog!

    3) ROKA Sports R1 Goggle Mirror - The new ROKA Sports R1s are loaded with technology for the most innovative triathlete. From the ultra-soft gasket and firmer nose bridge to keep the goggles comfortable and in place, to the sharp optics with RAPIDSIGHT technology and expanded forward field-of-vision, these goggles will not disappoint. 

    4) Blueseventy Element Goggles - Experience the high-quality performance of the Element goggles. Designed with a silicone gasket and double silicone headstrap, these goggles offer a secure fit and anti-fog lens technology perfect for any of the elements open water swimming throws your way. The best part? They offer customized lens colors for a variety of light and weather conditions. 

    5) Zoggs Phantom Elite Polarized Ultra Goggle - Unlike many other goggles, the Zoggs Elite Polarized Ultra goggles mold to the contours of the swimmer's face for a customized fit earning it a spot on our list! 


    We're giving away a pair of Zoggs Predator Polarized Goggles to one lucky swimmer (or triathlete)! To enter, tell us your favorite lake, ocean or river to swim in by 11:59pm PST on Tuesday, October 11 and we'll select one winner at random. One entry per person. 

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    4 years ago.
    Lake Michigan
    4 years ago.
    In the warm waters of the Outer Banks, North Carolina! Yes!!
    Cindy Hickman
    4 years ago.
    My favorite beach to swim is Kailua beach, windward side of Oahu!
    Zana Kerr
    4 years ago.
    La Jolla Cove
    4 years ago.
    The cold clear waters of Lake Tahoe
    Marty Boylan
    4 years ago.
    After a summer every day just about in the pool or at the beach its time for a new pair of Zoggs. Best Ocean no doubt is the Pacific
    Shannon S
    4 years ago.
    Lake George has beautifully clean water.
    Connie Merritt
    4 years ago.
    Destin Beach, FL
    Nicole Bowers
    4 years ago.
    Texas's wondrous Joe Pool Lake
    Maria Skoytellis
    4 years ago.
    Thanks for the chance!
    4 years ago.
    The great big blue Pacific Ocean!
    Anelalani DeKoning
    4 years ago.
    Aloha from Hawaii, I love putting my one chick canoe out on the water and paddling across our oceans to different beaches on our cost... my husband and I go about 18-24 miles away from where we start and then have a blast hoping on waves going back..aloha, Anela
    4 years ago.
    Atlantic. On the gulf of Mexico
    Matt Rotter
    4 years ago.
    I live in Minnesota, any lake is a good lake to swim in! Personal favorite is Lake Maria....cabin lake.
    Adrian Davies
    4 years ago.
    The Atlantic (NJ shore)
    4 years ago.
    My favorite lake to swim in is Lake George!
    Logan Knoyer
    4 years ago.
    My favorite ocean to swim in is the Pacific Ocean, as I enjoy going there to train as well as clear my mind of any stress
    Candice Bernhardt
    4 years ago.
    Mile swim sea isle, new jersey
    4 years ago.
    I love racing in the Pacific off the coast of Aptos, CA
    Joe H
    4 years ago.
    Loved snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean by the Galapagos Islands
    Jared Carter
    4 years ago.
    Jordan Lake
    4 years ago.
    Intercoastal waterway in wilmington Nc!
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