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  • Apr

    On Deck: Q&A with Cammile Adams

    with Cammile Adams


    SwimOutlet Blog: What is the current focus of your training with just a few months (weeks really) until Trials? And how are you making sure that you peak at just the right time this summer?

    Cammile Adams: I am focused a lot on my stroke and race pace. I am still doing a lot of yardage since I swim more distance related events.

    SwimOutlet Blog: What are some of the keys in your dryland training outside the pool?

    Cammile Adams: I am still lifting 3 times a week. I think some of my favorite exercises for young swimmers are some of the exercises I do on a daily basis. For example, different shoulder rehab can keep all swimmers', regardless of age, shoulders healthy. I also do a lot of core work and abs. I think lots of core exercises transfer well into the water. 

    SwimOutlet Blog: What is your favorite snack to refuel after a hard workout as well as pre-race meal to fuel up?

    Cammile Adams:
    I really like athletic foodie snacks. They are easy to throw in my swim bag and eat after practice. I usually try to pair a good source of protein with those, like chocolate milk.

    SwimOutlet Blog: Tell us a bit about training in Charlotte at SwimMAC - one of the best clubs in the country!

    Cammile Adams: David and Bob Groseth are very creative. Most of us that are training here have been doing this a long time and they understand we need to mix things up. We use a lot of different equipment and still get in 5,000-6,000 yards/ meters most practices.

    SwimOutlet Blog: Is there anything that you did leading up to the 2012 Olympic Games that you plan to do differently this year?

    Cammile Adams: 
    Not really, I’m a little more mentally prepared this time. I know exactly what to expect out of trials and then on to Rio. I think having been before takes some of the nerves away but also makes me really excited for what's coming up in the next couple months.

    SwimOutlet Blog: Do you feel like that world silver medal from last year gives you added confidence or have you already put it in your rearview mirror and not really thinking about it.

    Cammile Adams: Yeah, I definitely think the silver medal helps. I wanted to be a bit faster, and was at the world cups right after, so I think that gave me some confidence leading into this summer.

    SwimOutlet Blog: Tell us your favorite things about the Olympic year?

    Cammile Adams: Probably all of the commercials. ha- I love seeing or hearing about different people's stories and their lead-ups to the Olympics. It’s like the Super Bowl commercials for me.

    SwimOutlet Blog: You've been wearing Arena for a while now, give us an idea of some of the training products that you like to use!

    Cammile Adams: I absolutely love my partnership with Arena. Like I said earlier, David likes to use a variety of different “toys” so it’s nice to have the best of the best. My fins are kind of my go-to lately. We’ve been doing some stuff faster-than-pace, so it’s fun to put fins on and see how fast I can go. I’ve also been using a lot of my tempo trainer. I think it’s fun to play around with a faster or slower tempo and compare the times versus how my stroke feels.

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