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  • Sep

    New Gold Medal Delivery with Tony Azevedo!

    Another Gold Medal Delivery strikes again, this time in the water polo community! and Tony Azevedo – four-time Olympic water polo player  –  partnered up to make a surprise delivery of free gear to water polo players... in a Lamborghini!

    The delivery took place in Thousand Oaks, CA during a regularly scheduled practice. Tony also got into water, did some drills with the kids, and gave an inspirational speech.

    Check out the newly published Gold Medal Delivery with Tony Azevedo here::

    Under the "Gold Medal Delivery" initiative, is giving teams across the nation a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet with an Olympian and receive free product, courtesy of These deliveries are documented on video and available to view on The goal of these surprise deliveries are to show the human side of Olympians and inspire impressionable young swimmers in a positive way.

    Where should make its next Gold Medal Delivery?! If you would like to suggest a swim or water polo team, please submit their details here.

    Q&A with Tony Azevedo - Ask your question here!

    Need any water polo tips? Have a question for Tony? For the next few weeks, Tony Azevedo will be answering  fan questions here. Just submit your question in the comments section below.

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    8 years ago.
    Tony, How goes it bro? Was wonderin'..... In terms of weight room work, what did Coach Schroeder have you guys doing in your pre olympic training sessions? Oly lifts? Bodyweight work, Metabolic? All of that and then some? How many days of the week were you guys in the weight rooom during the most brutal training phases? Thanks a bunch and go easy bro.
    Ventura, Ca.
    Tony Azevedo
    8 years ago.
    Hi Steve,
    During the six months leading up to London, we were in the gym three days a week, two hours per day. We were exclusively following a workout called P3, which is a science-based training program that involves three or four exercises of heavy lifting followed by explosive movements (such as jumping). The program also included other aspects such as yoga and stretching.
    Pete Minnow Thomsen
    8 years ago.
    A debate Im sure you can settle.
    We im in a pool 25 meters long, this end to that end.or is it 50 meters for one lap
    Is that a lap or is 2 laps
    Thanks...Minnow Man
    Tony Azevedo
    8 years ago.
    Hi Pete,
    A lap consists of swimming across the pool once, so if you are in a 25 meter pool, one lap will be 25 meters. Therefore swimming back and forth and covering 50 meters would be considered two laps.
    Hope this helps!
    Sam Selby
    8 years ago.
    yo Tony!!! def. one of my favorite ballers in any sport. Are you doing the holiday camp in Flurida forsure. I really want to meet you and see if i have any chance of making the national team. Somewhat of a baller myself. It would be awsome to finally meet you. SO MAKE IT DOWN TO SUNNE Florida for the new year man ur loved out here. Peace Brudda.
    Tony Azevedo
    8 years ago.
    Hi Sam,
    Glad to hear you are a passionate water polo player like myself. Unfortunately this year I will not be coming out to Florida for the camp because I have decided to bring back the old Azevedo/Corso camp that played a huge part of making me into the player I am today. Myself, my Dad and Rich Corso will be running a four day super-camp at Harvard Westlake HS in Los Angeles from Dec 27-30. More details will be posted on my website and FB soon, and you can also sign up for my mailing list (via my website) to receive immediate updates on all my camps.
    Sorry I won't be making it out to sunny Florida, but I hope maybe you will get the chance to come out to LA instead. Best of luck with your polo!
    8 years ago.
    Mr. Azevedo,

    I'm a 7th grade water polo player from the Wilson School District in Sinking Spring PA. My dad played water polo in high school at Lower Moreland School District under the coaching of Paul Barren. I have two questions for you. First, how do make your team work together as a team? We are struggling with this and our performance is suffering. Also, how can you "read" the goalie when taking shots? I mean the goalie will frequently read the player to try to find out where he will shoot, but is there a way you possibly read him?

    Tony Azevedo
    8 years ago.
    Hi Marc,
    Good questions. As far as teamwork goes, I think the first step would be to call a team meeting and have an open and honest conversation to make sure everyone is on the same page. You should lay out the team's goals and make sure that everyone understands their personal role on the team. For example, a less-skilled shooter needs to be ok with swimming down to the wing to put a stronger shooter in a better position. Every single member of the team needs to adapt the mentality of not "what can my team do for me" but of "what can I contribute to my team", even if it's in a very small or subtle way. Some members will have to contribute a little less and change their roles in order to support the positive growth of the team overall.
    As far as reading a goalie, the main aspects will be practice and awareness (watching lots of game footage). I recommend looking at a goalie's hands because they tell you a lot about what he/she is doing and how hard they are working. If their hands are deep or their is a lot of whitewater in front of the cage, you know they are working hard with their hands and will be less able to block high shots.
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