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  • Nov

    My Holiday Wish List: Jarrod Shoemaker

    It is that time of year again, when you scratch your head and think “what can I buy for ______! They already have everything they need!” Well look no further, I have a few great suggestions from small gifts to pretty awesome, expensive ones. Want more gift ideas? Check out's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

    1. Nathan Quickshot Plus

    This small water bottle holds 10 ounces but fits in a wrap that goes around your palm when you run or walk. The bonus on this water bottle it is that there is a place to write your contact details in case anything happens to you! A small bottle like this is a must for anybody who trains in warm humid climates.

    2. Endurance Shield

    My wife and I created Endurance Shield because we were not happy with the sunscreen we bought at the store. Not only is it a sunscreen, but the ingredients nourish and refresh your skin, allowing it to work better than most sunscreens that dry out your skin. The 2 ounce size sunscreen is TSA travel friendly and the chamois crème works great for not only biking, but also for any chafing you get while swimming or running.

    3. A New Swim Suit

    Everybody waits until their suit is almost see-through or ripped before buying a new one, making this the perfect time to give a new suit as a gift. TriFlare offers great colorful mens and womnes swim suits that are unique and bold, making them my top choice.

    4. Running Watch

    If you know somebody that is starting to get serious about running and is not using a running watch, this is the perfect upgrade for their workouts. There are started models priced under $100 all the way up to ones that can cost up to $400. 

    5. Goggles

    Just like a swim suit, swimmers and triathletes always let their goggles go until you have to clean them out every time you stop on the wall. So grab a new pair of goggles as a stocking stuffer. Right now I am using Roka goggles as they have a wide range of colors that help you in different light conditions. In addition, a perfect small gift is JAWS Anti-fog, a few drops will help keep the goggles like new for much longer. 

    6. Safer Swimmer Float

    If you know somebody that swims open water on their own a lot, the Safer Swimmer Float is a unique gift. It is bright orange and helps boaters be able to see you as well as people watching from shore. A great present for somebody you want to keep safe.

    7. Backpack

    As triathletes we carry a lot of gear and having a great transition backpack is very important. The Ogio 9.0 is one of the best, it can be a backpack or duffle bag, but more importantly has a helmet storage area, a wetsuit compartment, water bottle holders and a lot of interior space.

    8. Normatec

    The Normatec is a device I have been using for a few years as a recovery device. It pumps air and compresses your legs speeding up blood flow to tired legs and allowing for faster recovery. Most pro athletes I know have one and it is in most training rooms in major colleges and professional sport teams.

    9. Blue Apron

    My wife and I have been using Blue Apron for almost three years now. Blue Apron delivers the ingredients and recipes for you to make three meals for 2 people. We have loved cooking our own meals and it has given us a diversity of food that we never had before.

    10. Luggage/Bags Tags

    Every athlete needs to remember which bag is theirs and there are a few websites that allow you to print up your own bag tags. The site that I have used makes it very easy to create tags with your own logo and address on it. They are well make and look professional, but also make it easy to identify your bag.

    11. Headphones

    The choices and styles of headphones have changed so much over the past several years, no longer are wires needed, instead most headphones run off Bluetooth and have amazingly clear sound. My current favorite headphones are made by Jaybird. A great buy for an athlete on the move.

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