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  • May

    Michael Andrew: What's In My Bag

    By Michael Andrew

    When I get ready for a competition its imperative I have everything I need to get the job done as best I can. I always love packing for a swim meet. Although what goes in my bag each time doesn’t change, it simply means it’s almost time to go race. And I love to race. Of everything in my bag, my favorite piece is by far the Adizero XVI suit.

    1. Adidas Pull Backpack

    Obviously, I couldn’t carry anything with me if it wasn’t for my backpack. I love this new backpack: plenty of compartments for spare caps and goggles, as well as lots of room for towels and my suits.

    2. Adidas Towel & Mini Towel

    Without my towels I wouldn’t be able to get dry and then be able to dress warmly in order to reserve energy for my next races. Also, the mini towels I keep with me in case the blocks at a meet are slippery. I simply lay it over the block before my race, doing this helps me with a little better traction and gives me a sense of security that my foot won’t slip, when launching myself into the water.

    3. Adidas Shock Energy Brief Swimsuit

    This is my go-to brief for training, as well as when it comes time to warm up at a meet. Excellent fit, well designed, cool colors, and last a very long time (that’s if you take care of it, like anything in life…). I make sure I have at least 2-3 of these briefs in my bag in case I can’t dry one out in time for the next session or something happens.

    4. Adidas Persistar Goggle

    Not only are my goggles comfortable they look totally beast mode. They are sleek, low profile, and if worn right never fog up on me. When it comes to goggles I usually train and race in the same one for at least two full seasons without changing them out, but I’m also sure to keep spares in my bag if something were to happen.

    5. Adidas Silicone 3D Dome Cap

    With my goggles on underneath my super smooth super streamline dome cap, I am ready to pierce through the water. Be sure to get the right size though. Caps can rip if you’re rough on them. Although I have yet to rip any Dome caps from Adidas, I still keep a spare.

    6. Jump Rope

    Jumping rope is often the best way to warm up your body before a race, especially if there isn’t a pool to warm up or warm down in. I utilize this piece of equipment to increase my heart rate and wake up the muscles before racing.

    7. GoPro

    The two GoPro’s I take to meets with me are the Hero4 Silver and the Hero4 Session. As many of you may already know, I love GoPro. It’s a small easy to use action cam that can catch everything and give you the opportunity to make fun edits and even better memories.

    8. Comb & leave-in conditioner

    After a couple races through a heavily-chlorinated pool, not only will your skin start to feel it, so will your hair. And from a young age my mom hated my swimmer’s hair (dry, split ends, looking like tall grass). So I have made it a habit of taking care of my hair.

    9. Sunglasses

    Sunglasses are a must, especially if you are racing in Arizona. What’s cool about my Adidas Pull backpack is it has a compartment for sunglasses.

    10. Biltong or Droëwors handmade by my Dad

    These are South African versions of Jerky, but so much better. Nothing compares to it. At home we use spices bought and brought all the way from South Africa where my parents are originally from. The method of making these delicacies are a bit different, instead of cooking the meat, once prepared we simply hang it up and it air dries to perfection. After a couple weeks, our high-protein snack is ready for consumption!

    11. Water Bottle

    Hydration is so important, there have been studies to prove that being dehydrated can decrease your ability to perform by at least 20% and puts incredible stress on your liver. Also stick to water, not sugary sports drinks filled with “electrolytes”. Sugar aids inflammation in your body and slows down recovery tremendously.

    12. Adizero XVI

    The Adizero XVI is my racing suit! This is the fastest, coolest, and most scientifically-developed suit I have ever raced in. When packing for a meet, I take the freestyle version of the suit, as well as the breaststroke version. Yes, there is a breaststroke specific suit. The compression of this suit works beautifully and is not restrictive of movement. Another favorite about the suit is how superbly it repels water. It literally bounces off of the suit when it comes in contact! This suit is beautifully-designed and looks so much cooler than all the other suits on the market. I’m looking forward to seeing you in one on deck!!

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