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  • Nov

    Five Things Ricky Berens is Thankful for this Thanksgiving

    Tis the season to give thanks! Two-time gold medalist Ricky Berens is especially thankful this Thanksgiving, as the 25-year-old, two-time Olympian just announced his retirement from competitive swimming. Berens gave us his five things to be thankful for this holiday! What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving? Tell us in the comment section below by December 9 for a chance to win a TYR prize pack signed by Ricky Berens!


    1. My family. They've been my biggest fans and supporters since I was a kid, not just when it comes to swimming but in all areas of my life.

    2. Queso. Every meal should begin with chips and queso.

    3. The sport of swimming. It has taken me places, literally and figuratively, that I could have only dreamed about.

    4. My TYR AP12. It’s the most comfortable and effective suit in the swimming world! Lots of compression and flexibility.

    5. All of my coaches throughout my career. Every single one has played a unique role in getting me where I am today.

    Tell us what you are most thankful for this season. Leave a comment below by December 9 and you’ll be entered in a random drawing for a TYR prize pack signed by Ricky Berens!

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    Bryan Jung
    7 years ago.
    I am thankful that I know CPR in case i ever need to save somebody's life. Along with a warm and loving family. I am especially thankful for a house to shelter me from the cold rainy nights.
    7 years ago.
    I was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder three years ago that stopped me from doing everything I love including swimming, now I'm back in the pool and my times are what they were in highschool!! I'm thankful that I am able to be back to doing something that I truly enjoy beause some people can't.
    7 years ago.
    Thankful for my family and my little 9 year old who wants to become the next Missy Franklin. She started swimming the end of September and had a second place finish 2 weeks ago in the back stroke..
    Alexandria Bay
    7 years ago.
    I am so incredibly thankful for my family. They make so many sacrifices so I can swim. My father works so many different jobs so that my Mom can be home an available to drive me to all of practices and meets. I am also thankful for my coaches that always push my to go faster than I ever thought I could go, and I do appriciate when they get on my back when I'm not trying my hardest. And last but not least, I am thankful for my swim friends, who make going to practice everyday so much fun!
    7 years ago.
    Short course season!
    Sarah Dinh
    7 years ago.
    I am thankful for...

    1. My boyfriend, David Martinez, and his family. Without them, I'd probably be stuck at a dead end, still not knowing how to drive or what to do with my life. They have done so much for me, and love me like I am part of the family. I couldn't be more grateful that they found me, of all people.

    2. Tarrant County College, the school I go to. I enjoy being able to come to classes that interest me, and give me something to do, while also furthering my education. I can't wait to take ceramics and swimming this year coming!

    3. My new job at Bamboo Springroll & Pho in Arlington, Texas. I can't imagine working anywhere else that will treat me as part of the family, feed my broke-college-student-self for free, and work around my busy-college-student-schedule, while also having great, friendly, customers who tip well! I really got lucky with this job.

    4. My 2001 Honda car. You have worked so well for me up until this month, car... please get through this rough patch, otherwise I will be terribly, terribly, miserable... and broke.

    5. My friends. My friends are my family and they help me through everything, even dealing with my eccentric indecisive personality. Thank you for waiting around for me to sing the whole "eenie-meanie-miney-mo song" everytime. I love these guys.
    7 years ago.
    I am thankful for my life, swimming, and family. I just would not know what to do with out swimming. My life would be gray!
    Justin Rice
    7 years ago.
    This year, I am most thankful for what God has showed me I am capable of doing to impact his world positively in His Kingdom. He showed me that just being persistent and enduring through the pain can produce outcomes beyond what I could ever imagine. This mindset can be applied to all aspects of life and developed quite a bit more patience in my life. I am eternally grateful for my family and coaches who push me beyond my personal limits. I never thought that I would become a triathlete but their trust in me enabled me to go to that next level in my training.
    7 years ago.
    I could post about swim times, meets, medals, ect...but it is a simple one word answer for me.....FAMILY!
    7 years ago.
    I am thankful for my family and friends obviously, Jesus, food, protection, shelter, warmth, etc. I am also thankful for the sport of swimming, it has taught me so much and I absolutely love it. I am thankful for music, it is my passion and will be my career, I couldn't imagine a life without music. I am thankful for the opportunity to have a quality higher education. and finally, I am thankful for the ability to wake up and do what I do every day, a healthy body and mind that allows me to chase my dreams.
    7 years ago.
    I'm thankful for my family, my faith, and my warm house!
    7 years ago.
    I'm thankful for a strong, body and stroke, my teammates—past, present, and future—good food, and a new job. Oh, and the best friends a girl could ask for! :)
    7 years ago.
    I'm thankful for definitly my family, friends, my teachers who support me so much. My coaches and instructors that push me to be a better person and not just to compete with others but with myself to make me better.
    Keith Shireman
    7 years ago.
    I'm thankful for God, Family, health, job and a place to swim every week so I can continue to improve my stroke.
    7 years ago.
    My health, my education which has given me the ability to help others, and a nice warm swimming pool in the winter!
    Bridget Dubes=)
    7 years ago.
    Oh gosh so much...all my swim teams(high school, winter, spring/summer, summer), my amazing swim coaches, and the best teammates ever! Swim dinners after the meets..somehow tastes like the best food ever! bus rides with the team and our amazing sing-offs haha. My ability to swim and swim quite well and my heart to keep going through injure and failure. Thankful for my family and friends and that i have not lost a parent or grandparent or any close family member. For my education and the fact that I'm able to go to private school and have more opportunities. For food(especially after swim practice), for shelter and for music. For good grades and love and everything. For life=)
    Pam Kick
    7 years ago.
    This has been the year of cancer for many close friends and family so I am thankful for the progress we are making in research and treatment in the medical field. I am thankful for my children and grandchildren who bring fun, joy and love to my world. I am thankful for my animals who stick by my side when I need them the most and never pass up the opportunity to run and play. I am thankful for my health and the peace I find when I exercise - especially when I am swimming with my swim family - it is my escape, my joy and my solitude when I need it.
    Sarah Rogers
    7 years ago.
    1. My college swim team. My teammates inspire me to reach for the stars in all that I do, whether it's swimming related or academics. They are my second family and I love them.
    2. My father, he is my rock, my support system, and my biggest cheerleader. He's watched me grow in my sport from age 5 to 21. I owe my dedication and hard work to him for all of his encouragement and love.
    3. My coaches! From my old club coaches, high school coaches, summer league, and now college, I have learned so much and have grown to be the swimmer I am today. They are my role models and I strive to be as dedicated and strong as they are.
    4. My Lord and savior. Having faith and staying strong through the rough patches soothes my soul and gives me the strength I need before every exam, practice, and meet. Without God, I would falter.
    7 years ago.
    Thankful to live in the USA!!!!!
    Mama J
    7 years ago.
    I am thankful for my daughter's success this high school season and for the support of the amazing coaches she had.
    7 years ago.
    Swimming daughters
    7 years ago.
    7 years ago.
    i am thankful to have an amazing family & friends, got to spend thanks thanksgiving with them and spent all day yesterday shopping with one of my bffs. thankful for this site i could get my daughter the swim bag she wanted for christmas she loves to swim i do all i can to make her dreams come true.
    7 years ago.
    I'm thankful our family had the opportunity to meet Ricky Berens at the Charlotte UltraSwim in 2013. What a great ambassador for the sport of swimming!! Best wishes to him as he moves on to the next stage of his life!
    Bryan Jung
    7 years ago.
    I am thankful for a family and a house to live under. Also am thankful for caring parents.
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