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    Beginner's Swim Kit

    So, you've decided to take the plunge in the pool—literally! When you jump in head first to the world of swimming, you will want to build your “swim kit,” as we like to call it. In addition to the obvious, your swimsuit, you might be curious about what swim gear you will need. Thankfully, we’re here to help the beginners and the advanced swimmers alike. Below is a list of the equipment you will want to consider before diving into the sport for the first time.

    First and foremost, swim goggles are essentially a must-have for a swimmer at any level. Nobody wants to swim with chlorine water flooding their eyes, trust us! Generally, a beginning swimmer will want superior suction around the eye with a comfortable, soft seal. We recommend checking out the Speedo Vanquisher Goggle. The Vanquisher has come to be one of the most well-known goggles in the swimming world because of its durability and comfortable design. 

    Next, you will probably want a swim cap-- depending on your personal preference, gender and hair length. For your first swim cap, we suggest a silicone cap. Silicone is softer on the head and doesn't pull your hair when putting it on. The Sporti Silicone Swim Cap would be perfect for protecting your pretty locks during your first few workouts in the water.

    Now that you’ve got your essentials checked off, let’s dive into the equipment. In the wonderful world of swimming, a pull buoy helps keep your hips afloat while highlighting your arms to strengthen your pull power. A buoy, such as the Sporti Pull Buoy, has a comfortable shape that fits securely between your legs. While using a pull buoy might be a bit awkward at first, after time you'll start to develop a stronger pull through the water that will transfer into your regular swimming when the equipment comes off. Pull buoys usually go hand-in-hand with swim paddles. The swim paddles simply slip onto your hands and/or fingers to give you more pulling power through the water—it’s not a coincidence that they’re called paddles. A swim paddle like the Strokemaker Paddles have an easy on and off design that lets you adjust the straps to your comfort level. Or, if you feel like going strapless, we also love the FINIS Agility Paddles!

    Now that you’re pulling yourself through the water like the swim-star that you are, let’s kick it up a notch. A kickboard helps strengthen your legs and kicking power through the water, giving you more acceleration when you're swimming. The TYR Kickboard lets you kick comfortably on soft foam while letting your legs propel you.

    Lastly, for a beginner, swimming with the proper breathing technique can be a difficult concept to grasp. Often times, unwanted water might go into your mouth (or even worse, your nose) and leave you turning your head too far out of the water (using unnecessary energy). Thankfully, Arena has come to the rescue and developed the revolutionary Freestyle Breather, designed to help you breath comfortably and feel safe in the water. This kit reduces the water entries and creates a larger air pocket for you to breath. Although not completely necessary, we highly recommend this piece for your first few swims.

    Now that you've acquired your new swim equipment, you'll need a storage bag to easily transport from the car to the pool. The TYR Big Mesh Mummy Bag II has all the pockets and storage space you need for your next swim sessions. See how easy that was?

    Now that you’re all set for all of the swim sets ahead, there is one last thing to remember on your journey to becoming a swimmer-- just keep swimming!

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