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  • Jan

    10 Reasons to Start Swimming Now

    The new year is often a chance to get your feet wet (pun intended) in a new fitness routine. If you haven't already taken the plunge into the sport of swimming, now is a great time to start. Here's why;

    1. Swimming is a low-impact, whole-body exercise. This is especially great for retired athletes with prior injuries, older folks looking to stay in shape, or avid runners looking for a recovery workout. 

    2. Naturally sun-kissed skin (but don't forget the sun screen).

    3. Every kick and stroke is essentially a resistance exercise, strengthening and toning the muscles (it's a win-win).

    4. Swimming is recognized as one of the biggest calorie-burners. A general rule of thumb is that for every 10 minutes spent in the pool, you can expect to burn between 60-150 calories (depending on weight, stroke, pace and exertion). 

    5. Food-- is it just us, or does spending time in the chlorine make food taste that much better

    6. Swimming increases range of motion, ultimately improving flexibility. 

    7. Swimming allows you to do more with less-- who really enjoys spending time in an over-crowded gym, anyway? Kiss the weights, treadmills, and expensive gym shoes goodbye and suit up for a swim instead. 

    8. The water is quiet and calming. Use your time in the pool as an opportunity to create a mental to-do list for the week or reflect on your day. 

    9. Mermaid hair never goes out of style. Embrace the beach-inspired waves and messy swimmer buns. 

    10. Swimming is a lifetime sport, and can often be applied in other hobbies (surfing, anyone?).

    Tell us your New Year's resolution in the comments below by 11:59pm Friday, Jan 16 for a chance to win a swimming starter-kit. 

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    6 years ago.
    After 2 months of no activities...I just started yesterday!
    1000 mts was good! Amazing! Some pain today!
    Will continue swimming 3 days a week, 5:00am....due traffic and work! :( no way, no more excuses!
    Jessica K
    6 years ago.
    After having bilateral foot injuries, and surgery on one foot this past November, I will be joining a masters swim team. Formerally an avid runner, and lifeguard at age 19, this 35 year old is concerned for my health. I want to set a good example and also create yet another way I can bond with my ten year old who is a US swimmer and practices five days a week.

    No more being discouraged because its hurts to walk or run. The pool will be how I resolve tolose the weight I've gained and show my child where there is a will there is a way!
    6 years ago.
    To work on endurance in the pool and to work on lap times.
    6 years ago.
    my new year's resolution is to keep swimming so I can eat more and sleep better.
    6 years ago.
    After 20 years I am jumping back into the pool and it feels awesome.
    6 years ago.
    i resolved, after 30 years out of the pool, to jump back in!!! Joined the local masters team and am loving the water again !!
    Chris Gray
    6 years ago.
    First Master's meet in two weeks
    Michelle Lawrence
    6 years ago.
    my New Year's resolution is to spend more time in the pool this year rather than by it watching the kids train!
    Kayla Miller
    6 years ago.
    My New Years resolution is to start training for next years Olympic Time trials! And if I cant make it I will try for the year after that!
    6 years ago.
    It's time to get off the couch and back in shape so I'm around long enough to see my kid grow up.
    6 years ago.
    Learn to swim well
    6 years ago.
    I want to do the "Swim Across the Lake" in Kelowna BC in honor of my mom who loved that event!
    Staci Martin
    6 years ago.
    Swimming is part of my new years be a good example for my kids in the area of health and fitness.
    6 years ago.
    Work on broken left arm/shoulder to get full motion back.
    Laura G.
    6 years ago.
    My swimming resolution for 2015 is to try my first open water 5K!
    6 years ago.
    My New Year's resolution is to try 110% at all if my swimming practices!
    6 years ago.
    To do more swimming and get into better shape.
    Marcie Maccaux
    6 years ago.
    swimming is my zen, the only sport now that doesn't hurt, and oh, the upper body toning! I LOVE to swim!
    Kaitlyn DaCosta
    6 years ago.
    I have multiple New Year's resolutions...
    #1 do ten push-ups every day (in the morning when I wake up and before I go to bed)
    #2 give up drinking soda (just too much sugar!)
    #3 no more sugary or over loaded snacks
    #4 stretch everyday (it helps reduce injury)
    #5 do shoulder excerices (to reduce rotator cuff/ tendon injury that can be caused by swimming)
    Nathan christiansen
    6 years ago.
    My new years resolution is to not miss a practice till the end of the season and to drink no soda till the season is over.
    Elle Brooks
    6 years ago.
    So I have been challenged to do a triathalon this year...swimming a mile in a pool is one thing but open water is going to be a real challenge!
    6 years ago.
    Swim my first Masters meet and open water swim as well as at least one triathlon this summer
    6 years ago.
    To start training for the 2016 Master's NAtional Championships to be held in Gresham, OR.
    Lisa Marie
    6 years ago.
    I'd like to get back into swimming. I have a labor intensive job and think that getting back into the pool will help.
    6 years ago.
    Complete my first 10k open water swim and go to masters nationals!!!
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