Athletic Tape

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The colorful tape you see on athletes is more than a trend. Taping techniques have a number of benefits from minor aches to actual injuries caused by training and racing. Kinesiology tape is designed to move with the body without slipping or losing its grip. It provides you with pain relief and muscle support. 

Tape can offer 24-hour therapy to an injured area. This constant attention can accelerate the healing process from trauma, injuries and inflammatory conditions. Recent research suggests that taping after competitions can alleviate soreness and lactic acid buildup sooner than regular stretching. 

We have multiple tape options for you to check out from brands KT Tape and Rock Tape. Think about when you'd use the tape--either after a workout or race or throughout training. If your sport leads to sweating or you get in the water, seek out waterproof tapes. Whatever muscle therapy you need, we have quality tape to help you recover.