Changing Ponchos

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Changing Robes

Have you ever needed to change into your swimsuit at the beach? Or change out of a wet swimsuit on the pool deck? Changing robes are the answer!

A changing robe is simply a changing towel poncho, usually made of absorbent, towel-like material that drapes over your body to allow for an easy way to put on or take off swimwear and clothing

Sometimes referred to as a “changing poncho,” this unique design allows your arms to move freely in and out of the large sleeves so you can use both hands to change underneath. No more asking friends or parents to hold a towel up in fear that someone walking by might see what’s behind it!

This poncho towel also offers a warm barrier between you and the cold air, wind chill, and even rain -- perfect for taking your wetsuit off after surfing, or in between events at a swim meet. They're also great for lifeguards and children in swim lessons!


Changing robes often have hoods and fleece-lined pockets so they make great cold-weather companions for camping trips, backyard movie nights, and so much more!