Running Armbands

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Smartphones have become a part of our everyday lives—including our workouts. Sometimes, in place of a watch, we use them to track our time or even map our routes. They also conveniently record our weight and health to let us know how we’re doing progressively. We love to rely on them to play motivating music throughout a workout. However, not all smartphones are sweat-friendly and carrying them in hands can be annoying, especially if you lack wireless headphones and have to deal with swinging earbuds.

Luckily, there exist armbands made for storing your smartphones and other electronic devices while you run. They have clear screens that allow you to see your device’s display as well as access touchscreens. Fret less about the status of your phone by safely toting it on your arm while you run. Select a band with all the features you desire from one of our reliable brands like Amphipod, Nathan and Nike.