How to Measure Yourself for Speedo Competitive Swim Gear

January 22, 2024

Every body is different, and when it comes to swimming your best, you want to make sure that the gear you select will fit you right and won’t hinder your performance. A poorly fitted swimsuit can mean the difference between victory and defeat, after all.

But how do you take measurements? And how do you know that your measurements are accurate? Read on.

How to Take Measurements

When it comes to taking measurements, this is a task that you don’t want to mess up! Incorrect numbers can make for a swimsuit that won’t fit properly, leading to discomfort in the water. Here are some tips:

  • Use soft measuring tape. Do NOT try to use a ruler or metallic measuring tape, as you will end up with incorrect measurements.
  • Ask a friend to measure you! That way your hands don’t slip or you read the measurements wrong.
  • Take measurements on bare skin, or as close to the skin as possible! If you don’t want to measure on bare skin, make sure to factor in the fabric in your measurements.
  • When you measure, make sure not to indent the skin. Don’t over tighten the measuring tape.

Where to Take Measurements?

For men, you want to measure about one inch below the belly button to ensure you are getting the waist size accurately. Do NOT go by pants size either! If you are a 34 in pants, you might be a 32 in a swimsuit! Pants are not designed to fit the same way a tight bathing suit will.

For women, take care when measuring chest size and hip size. If your hips are small but your chest is large, consider upsizing against chest measurement guidelines. And, conversely, if your hips are large but your chest is small, downsize below chest measurement guidelines.

What Does a Good Fit Feel Like?

If this is your first time buying competitive and tight-fitting swimwear, you may not know what to expect when you put it on for the first time. Here’s what to do avoid:

Your swimsuit is too big if:

  • The material wrinkles or bags.
  • The straps are too loose from your shoulders, such as reaching your ears. For Women Only.
  • The open part in the back lifts off the skin. For Women Only.

Your swimsuit is too small if:

  • It hurts at all or cuts off circulation.
  • If range of motion is limited.
  • It causes excessive muffin-topping on the body.
  • Your chest spills out.

Things to Avoid

Do not reference your size from a past swimsuit. Not only is that swimsuit stretched out, but your body may have changed sizes from then and now. Plus, fashion or more casual swimwear is not sized or cut the same way as competitive swimwear.

Do not let someone else order for you! You want to make sure the bathing suit fits you the best, and not what someone else thinks will fit you.

Sizing Chart

If you took all of that in mind, then you should have your measurements ready! Once you have made your decision, purchase your swimsuit and enjoy! You’ll be lighting the swim world on fire in no time!

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