How to Assemble Swedes

November 28, 2011

Most Swedish-style goggles come unassembled, giving you the opportunity to put them together with the ideal nose ad strap lengths for your face. Although the process can at first seem intimidating, assembling Swedish-style goggles is quite easy. Follow the below steps and you'll have your goggles ready for the water in minutes.

Swedish Goggle Assembly

New, unassembled Swedish goggles should come with: Two lenses, one long rubber strap, a small plastic tube (nosepiece), and a short piece of string. Make sure that your unassembled Swedish goggles have all the necessary parts before beginning.

  1. Start by threading the string through the small plastic hole on the inside (narrower end) of the left lens. In this walkthrough, we will start on one side, but starting on either is acceptable.
  2. Thread both ends of the string through the small plastic tube that is the nosepiece. Now the nosepiece is attached to just the left goggle lens.
  3. Thread one end of the string through the hole on the inside of the right lens. Do not tie the string in a knot just yet.
  4. Holding the nosepiece and string in place, hold the lenses up to your face and measure how the nosepiece fits. If the distance between the lenses needs to be shortened or lengthened, do so.
  5. Tie the string in a knot to hold the nosepiece in place, and trim off any excess. Work the string around until the blue plastic nosepiece hides the knot. If your nosepiece breaks or you find it uncomfortable, you can use an excess piece of rubber from the goggle straps as a replacement.
  6. Thread the rubber strap through the hole on the outside (wider end) of the left lens.
  7. Using the other end of the rubber strap, do the same for the right lens. Pull the strap through each hole until there is an equal amount of strap on either side. Make sure that the strap isn't twisted. When swimming it will be more comfortable for the strap to lay flat against your head.
  8. Hold the goggles up to your face and put the single strap around your head. Test the fit,and tighten or loosen as needed. Remember that goggles need to be snug in order to be watertight, but should not be so tight that they're uncomfortable.
  9. Tie the loose ends of the strap into a knot so that they form a second strap just as large as the one you just measured. While a single strap will keep your goggles on, a double strap will give you a more secure, comfortable, and watertight fit.
  10. Trim the excess rubber off the ends of the strap. You're done!

Pay Attention

Assembling Swedish goggles is quite straightforward and shouldn't take longer than a few minutes. The benefit of Swedish goggles is that you can customize the fit as you assemble them, but it also means that it is easier to make a mistake as you adjust them for fit. Be sure to pay attention to the little details (nose-piece length, twisted straps) as you go.

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