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"Its a great online purchase site for swimming"

January  23, 2015 - Kevin

"Easy informative website for swimwear purchases"

January  21, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Awesome price, timely delivery, overall pleased with all aspect of my purchase"

January  21, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Nice site. Great products."

January  21, 2015 - Syra

"I'm satisfied with the price and items."

January  21, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"I have looked at several sights for large size bathing suits that were for older people and was delighted to see several of your designs."

January  21, 2015 - Pegs

"although I had to return my initial purchase because of size, customer service was extremely helpful and it was a great shopping experience"

January  21, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Awesome price, timely delivery, overall pleased with all aspect of my purchase"

January  21, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Over all it was very satisfied."

January  21, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Excellent experience.. nice comments from previous customers which was extremely helpful in assisting me to make a decision as to which swim suits to purchase."

January  21, 2015 - Niecy

"items are fully described"

January  21, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Nice selection for the competitive swimmer"

January  21, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"I love swim outlet and I use it for all my swimming gear needs"

January  21, 2015 - Joe

"It is nice to be able to see a variety of items in one place."

January  21, 2015 - Swimwear

"First time there - good products at good prices."

January  21, 2015 - Ted

"This website is wonderful! I need my bathing suits specially made and swim outlet offers a big selection! I highly recommend this website!"

January  21, 2015 - Linds

"I like shopping this site for the variety and ease of transaction. I appreciate the easy return/exchange policy."

January  21, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Love buying from!"

January  21, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"I use SwimOutlet because I am a collegiate swimmer and it fullfills my sporting needs."

January  21, 2015 - Berry

"found what I needed quickly and the reviews really helped"

January  21, 2015 - lndwelch

"Great price---- Easy to order on line"

January  21, 2015 - cush

"Very happy with purchase"

January  21, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Easy to purchase. Good selection and prices."

January  21, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"nice detailed info"

January  21, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Great website Always find what I need Affordable"

January  21, 2015 - Tribe007

"I love the prices at the site."

January  21, 2015 - kaail


January  21, 2015 - kami

"very good selection. good brands also"

January  21, 2015 - Toni

"Quality swimwear and speedy delivery!"

January  21, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"I thought the site was very easy to navigate and the prices were vefry competetive. I will be shopping this site in the future FOR SURE..."

January  21, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Easy to find the correct sizes and quick checkout."

January  21, 2015 - sMols84

"good shopping experience"

January  21, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"I was thrilled with this website, it's quality, setup and navigational ability. If I need more equipment, this will be where I shop."

January  21, 2015 - ojsndvonaiindive

"everything you need for swimming , swim outlet has it!"

January  21, 2015 - SwimGod

"found what I wanted and needed at a great quality and a great price."

January  20, 2015 - jmm

"Love their products and website!!"

January  20, 2015 - Arthur

"Great prices for quality brands!"

January  20, 2015 - Kaitlin

"good prices--easier and better than amazon"

January  20, 2015 - AL

"Thanks for making it affordable, comfortable and easy to get what I needed to get back in the pool!"

January  20, 2015 - Jewlz

"Very good experience."

January  20, 2015 - harry

"Will definitely do more business with!!"

January  20, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"I found everything I was looking for with many options to choose from."

January  20, 2015 - Tone

"Very nice selection of top brand name products with great descriptions."

January  20, 2015 - Tom

"Love this website. Use it to buy all my swim needs."

January  20, 2015 - Jacki

"I really like this website and it also so cheap to get swim stuff for my self"

January  20, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Best site for Swim Wear."

January  20, 2015 - Swim Lady

"Very happy with purchase"

January  20, 2015 - chano

"Very impressed by site"

January  20, 2015 - Suzy

"Got what I needed for swim. Highly satisfied. Thanks SwimOutlet! I'll be shopping here regularly."

January  20, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Great prices and good selection"

January  20, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Great variety, lots of choices, great prices, great customer service, and fast delivery."

January  20, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Swim outlet is awesome! Best price on everything by far."

January  20, 2015 - beachbabe418

"You have a good selection of products."

January  20, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Easy website to look through and I can find what I want quickly and checkout fast - perfect!"

January  20, 2015 - Beans

"It was a good shopping experience. Prices are very good."

January  20, 2015 - vwhisel

"Great selection and price. I always order my swim products from them."

January  20, 2015 - altopass

"Excellent selection and value"

January  20, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"excellent products good reviews great customer service friendly staff"

January  20, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"This was easy and painless!"

January  20, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Easy shopping experience and will buy more items from"

January  20, 2015 - Swimmer

"Really like everything on this website"

January  20, 2015 - Jeebin

"Only place we shop for my daughters swim needs - thank you!"

January  19, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Excellent selection of products, and sizes in stock where other sites were sold out. Faster than expected delivery too"

January  19, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Ordered before and was pleased will order again."

January  19, 2015 - Goddess

"Fun shopping on the site!!!"

January  19, 2015 - Shelly

"Good store to use."

January  19, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Great place and fast deliver!"

January  19, 2015 - Patt

"SwimOutlet has always been a "go to" swim shop for our family, and we have always experienced a truly, wonderful product !"

January  19, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Website is well organized, making finding what I wanted very easy!"

January  19, 2015 - TeaK

"I heard about swim outlet from my son's swim team. Great company, great prices. Only place I shop for him."

January  19, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Great prices compared to regular retail stores! Love all of the options!"

January  19, 2015 - meow54

"Amazing customer service and a great quantity and quality of swim accessories."

January  19, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Fantastic website for swimmers, thankyou!"

January  19, 2015 - rancho55

"I love the paypal checkout option. Super smart! So many options and the best prices online. I will absolutely order again!"

January  19, 2015 - munstersmom2

"I like the selection of items from swimoutlet."

January  19, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"I've always been happy with the items I've purchased and service I've received from"

January  19, 2015 - Joe

"Swim Outlet did a superior job in every aspect of my order. I have told multiple people in my water aerobics class how pleased I was. and what a great selection you have. Job well done!"

January  19, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"First experience, a good one. Plan to shop again."

January  19, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Everything was great! I called a representitive with some questions and they answered them right away. Excellent experience so far."

January  19, 2015 - Ariana

"I have recommended your company to many of the participants in my Water Aerobics Class. Many are now purchasing with your company and are happy with their purchases and the convenience of online shopping."

January  19, 2015 - Rose

"Ease in ordering. A bit of help needed in returning but when I asked for help all was fine. Site is easy to use."

January  19, 2015 - Carol

"I love !!!"

January  19, 2015 - Butterfly65

"Excellent experience - thanks!"

January  19, 2015 - Belle

"Fast shipping! Love it!"

January  19, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"I feel comfortable buy with you guys and the costumer service is so nice people."

January  19, 2015 - Maive

"Good experience on this website and I found just what I wanted"

January  19, 2015 - MMP

"Very easy to use this website, particularly the check out process."

January  19, 2015 - luv2swim

"great prices and easy website to navigate"

January  19, 2015 - Jennie

"my experience with SwimOutlet has been a well received and applicable experience that I would recommend to most anyone!"

January  19, 2015 - Bo


January  19, 2015 - smile

"I was amazed at how cheap the price was on your website!"

January  19, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Very easy site to find what I needed!"

January  19, 2015 - Cathy

"a nice shopping experience"

January  19, 2015 - jr

"Easy checkout, easy to find what I needed"

January  19, 2015 - Miche

"Thanks for a smooth shopping experience!!"

January  19, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"great sight...will continue to shop here"

January  19, 2015 - Paul

"Love Will be back when my boys need suits again."

January  19, 2015 - Lisel

"website was easy to navigate. great price on product."

January  19, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"I like how I am able to get the best deals on the best brands. Also how they each have a size chart in which I am able to find my correct size."

January  19, 2015 - Nkki

"Swimoutlet is great. I appreciate the variety, price and availability of products."

January  19, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"I love swimOutlet! I have purchased several items in the last 2 years. Quality is good, shipping is quick and cost effective, prices are always the best I can find!"

January  18, 2015 - Ironman in Arizona

"Nice website, good array of products, excellent prices. Especially enjoyed all the costumer reviews on products."

January  18, 2015 - Evan

"Great selection, easy to navigate and very reasonable prices- thank you!"

January  18, 2015 - Amy

"Great experience will definitely return for all my needs"

January  18, 2015 - Patriot10

"I like the variety and choices and will definitely shop at this outlet again."

January  18, 2015 - Andy

"Good selection of mats, good information provided."

January  18, 2015 - Reen

"Get site to buy yoga appeal and more! I will defiantly purchase more then just appeal next time."

January  18, 2015 - Online Shopper

"What I ordered met my expectations. I really like your products!"

January  18, 2015 - YogaOutlet Customer

"You have a wide variety of goods. I want to recommend your site to my friends."

January  18, 2015 - daisy

"Products were less expensive than anywhere else and the quality is great"

January  18, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"I enjoyed shopping online"

January  18, 2015 - Ro

"Great products, prices, and ship times."

January  18, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Swim Outlet has quality merchandise at great affordable prices!"

January  18, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"great website, great selections. can't wait for my order to arrive."

January  18, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Love the website very easy to shop"

January  18, 2015 - Galhutch

"Overall great selection and prices. This is my go-to for anything for the pool."

January  18, 2015 - DKWB

"Lots of choices and easy to checkout."

January  18, 2015 - Stephanie

"Great one stop shop for swimwear needs."

January  18, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"We have been pleased with all purchases and never had to return anything."

January  18, 2015 - Mo

"Love swim outlet, have never shopped for a swim suit anywhere else!"

January  18, 2015 - Shelby

"Quick efficient enjoyed what I have purchased"

January  18, 2015 - Grandma

"This seemed to be the only site that had a variety of choices and prices."

January  18, 2015 - dutch

"Will buy from swimoutlet anytime!"

January  18, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Really great experience!"

January  18, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Very nice merchandise"

January  18, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Excellent! i will definitely order again!"

January  18, 2015 - Smboland

"Swim Outlet had an amazing variety of swim wear and I am truly pleased with your site! I will recommend your site to all my friends and family!"

January  18, 2015 - Courtney

"Great Deals !"

January  18, 2015 - Kathy

"Great vendor - will buy again!"

January  18, 2015 - Bella

"Great prices and fast shipping!"

January  18, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer


January  18, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"This is a great site and has a variety of items to buy I was very satisfied"

January  17, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Great experience. Easy to use and find info as well as segment purchase criteria. They also maintained a Q&A section that assisted me in product material as well. Thank you."

January  17, 2015 - dallin

"Best customer service ever! Order always arrives when predicted and item looks just like the picture. Love ordering from swimout because it is Hassel free."

January  17, 2015 - Sandy

"Great site to shop from with reasonable prices."

January  17, 2015 - CK

"Easy navigation of website, and very detailed description of items purchased."

January  17, 2015 - hoover

"I'm really happy with the prices of the items I purchased. It's so hard to find stylish and cheap swimsuits. Plus, your website is easy to navigate! You've got it all :)"

January  17, 2015 - Mac

"I search several sites at once before making a purchase and find that your company offers the best/same product at better prices hands down."

January  17, 2015 - Ty

"Great products and wide selection. Very informative."

January  17, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Love SwimOutlet! Only store that I go to for my swim supplies!"

January  17, 2015 - mpswimerboy


January  17, 2015 - RONA

"I really enjoy shopping at swimoutlet because of how much cheaper the products are."

January  17, 2015 - ROF

"I REALLY appreciate how easy it was to use your website (and the free shipping). Everything I was looking for was easy to find and prices are very reasonable. Thank you."

January  17, 2015 - Lony

"Swimoutlet is the best! I recommend it to anyone looking to purchase swimming related items."

January  17, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Excellent price when compared to other sources."

January  17, 2015 - William

"Very impressed with the brands you carry, and prices are great!"

January  17, 2015 - Old fish

"this is only site i purchase all my swim gear"

January  17, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"You guys have all the gear I need to become a better swimmer, without breaking the bank."

January  17, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Great deals on everything. Would definitely recommend."

January  17, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"great place to shop"

January  17, 2015 - Jack

"My shopping experience was very user friendly. I will shop again."

January  17, 2015 - Sheldon

"Great selection Fast shipping Good prices"

January  17, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"i have been shopping with swim outlet since I started swimming year round in 2006. I wouldnt go any where else."

January  16, 2015 - sherpa

"Love this outlet!!!"

January  16, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"I rarely order online. The fact that this is my second order from Swim Outlet within a month is a reflection of my satisfaction with the product and the company."

January  16, 2015 - Jennie

"Good shopping experience"

January  16, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"A very nice online shopping experience"

January  16, 2015 - Kavya

"swimoutlet is a very good on line vendor, I purchase all my swimwear and accessories from the outlet and and am very satisfied with the product on line presentation and the prices. Thank you Swimoutlet, keep up the great work."

January  16, 2015 - jane

"Great purchase! Quality item at a great price. Will definitely shop here again!"

January  16, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Nice site. Easy to browse for items."

January  16, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Verry good pricing."

January  16, 2015 - Dotty

"Good store for buying swimming equipment, and has a good variety."

January  16, 2015 - Jodi

"Great quality/ low price/ excellent delivery time"

January  16, 2015 - Bick

"Had just what I needed and was easy to order online."

January  16, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"It was a great experience because of the selection."

January  16, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Thanks for a great online shopping experience!"

January  16, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Great prices and lots of items to choose from"

January  16, 2015 - sl

"awesome online service!"

January  16, 2015 - remskie

"I like your site. Everything I need for the beach"

January  16, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"it was an easy and very afforadable site. I will shop here again plus tell all my friends"

January  16, 2015 - Batty

"Love this website!!! Always a great selection and great prices!"

January  16, 2015 - MB

"Good shopping experience"

January  16, 2015 - joan

"I have loved everything I have ordered. the quality is great. Thank you."

January  16, 2015 - Jen

"Love love love! Amazing prices and excellent quality. I will definitely being a future customer."

January  16, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"love the prices"

January  16, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Great prices, quality goods."

January  16, 2015 - Swim Mom


January  16, 2015 - TAMARA

"Great easy experience. Website easy to navigate."

January  16, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Real good sale ítems and a very excelent web design and very good efficiency to find any items on the site."

January  16, 2015 - The swimmer101

"Lots of clearance choices and great views on pics"

January  16, 2015 - Mindy

"This was super quick and simple. I loved it!"

January  16, 2015 - Ria

"Great website. Love looking at the options for all the products. Children enjoy the products and will likely be shopping there again."

January  16, 2015 - jkorlesky

"I LOVE this website for all my swimming needs! You guys rock!"

January  16, 2015 - Flova

"I live in Florida and sells various swimwear year round; therefore, I am very happy!"

January  16, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"very easy shopping"

January  16, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Impressive selection in prices, definitely coming back here first to find a better deal."

January  16, 2015 - Henry

"Great selection & easy checkout process"

January  16, 2015 - razmarie

"Good service, good product!"

January  15, 2015 - YogaOutlet Customer

"have always been pleased with the purchases that I have ordered from there"

January  15, 2015 - Online Shopper

"I enjoy swimoutlet soooooo much!"

January  15, 2015 - Online Shopper

"Fast shipping was marvelous."

January  15, 2015 - Shelly

"It was a great experience! I wish I knew about this site when I was swimming competitively!"

January  15, 2015 - Online Shopper

"The live chat feature was very helpful. Thank you. Very excited to receive my first purchase with SwimOutlet."

January  15, 2015 - Online Shopper

"Great site and WAY cheaper than retail stores!"

January  15, 2015 - Online Shopper

"SwimOutlet has a great variety of practical swimsuits at reasonable prices. I'll be back!"

January  15, 2015 - Online Shopper

"This website is great. It's layout is so neat and organized so everything is easy to find. There's also a wide selection to chose from, which is very helpful."

January  15, 2015 - lisa

"I love this site :)"

January  15, 2015 - Beef

"Great site, love the product reviews, they really help in determining what product is the best option."

January  15, 2015 - GatorGril0913

"The best prices on the web. Really good stock of swimmers"

January  15, 2015 - basgoonie

"Great online shopping!"

January  15, 2015 - Leo

"Overall I think has great prices and also very useful information and guidance about buying certain swim equpiment (sizing etc). All info was very easy to find."

January  15, 2015 - Online Shopper

"Awesome, I love it! !!"

January  15, 2015 - erika

"Great website with great prices"

January  15, 2015 - Online Shopper

"prices are great."

January  15, 2015 - Lauri

"Easy shopping, great brands, good looks, all from the comfort of home at a good price"

January  15, 2015 - Cam

"Very fast, I love it"

January  15, 2015 - Ed


January  15, 2015 - Online Shopper

"Prices are cheaper than amazon. Easier to find swimwear across different brands."

January  15, 2015 - jacob

"My first visit to the web-site and am quite satisfied with the experience. The web-site was simple to negotiate and looking for the things I want was very easy!"

January  15, 2015 - Risky

"SwimOutlet is a great place with great prices"

January  15, 2015 - Jodie

"Great site :)"

January  15, 2015 - Nan

"Awesome, with low prices on everything."

January  15, 2015 - Mroseswimmer

"thank you swim outlet! the products were just what I was looking for and I will use you again!"

January  15, 2015 - Online Shopper

"Very simple and easy to use. Great value!"

January  14, 2015 - Jacque

"Great service and quality."

January  14, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Very well laid out website, easy to order and cheaper than Amazon"

January  14, 2015 - therage62

"Always find what I need for our water loving family"

January  14, 2015 - SwimB

"I always recommend to my swimming friends!"

January  14, 2015 - Amelia

"Amazing one stop shop for my daughters needs from swim suits to swim gears. easy and convenient"

January  14, 2015 - Dee

"SwimOutlet has come hightly recommended by other swimmers. They were pleased with the selection, cost and service. I knew I had to use this company. I am looking forward to receiving my goggles and swim suit as I am taking aerobic classes and master swimming training."

January  14, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"good site and easy to purchase quality products at good prices"

January  14, 2015 - pierce

"fun site. good prices & delivery."

January  14, 2015 - Alex

"Great collection of swim essentials at a range of prices."

January  14, 2015 - Liz

"We are ordering for our Community swim club and over the last 16 years other purchasers have used swim outlet and they were always very satisfied."

January  14, 2015 - Swim mom

"I had a great buying experience."

January  14, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"I used your chat feature and it was very helpful."

January  14, 2015 - roxygirl

"I went on your website and found just what I wanted and was very please what I saw. I'm a runner and you had everything I need and I will tell all my friends about it, thank you for having such a good website, I was so please. Thank you."

January  14, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Good selection, easy process, great prices."

January  14, 2015 - Cat

"Great customer service. Order notification and tracking were excellent. Thanx. I'll continue to shop @"

January  14, 2015 - Bob

"love it"

January  14, 2015 - zach

"Great products and great prices"

January  14, 2015 - Mick

"Accurate descriptions, good quality, and very rapid service considering there was a snow storm at source!"

January  14, 2015 - lk

"Great products and great prices!"

January  14, 2015 - YogaOutlet Customer

"Love I can always find what I'M looking for and there is no hassle of going to the store."

January  14, 2015 - Holly

"Very easy, professional and high quality merchandise. Website is user friendly."

January  14, 2015 - Ron

"I never have an issue finding anything and always get great deals shopping here."

January  14, 2015 - Katie

"I loved the selection and prices."

January  14, 2015 - Michelle

"Great choices!"

January  7, 2015 - Online Shopper

"Great purchase, best prices I have found!!! Thanks I'll be back"

January  7, 2015 - Tilley88

"Nice easy experience."

January  7, 2015 - Jeanie

"Very satisfied with the quality of the product! I love my new yoga mat bag!"

January  7, 2015 - Beckie

"I compared the price of each item against Amazon and other retailers and was the best price for every product in my order."

January  6, 2015 - SwimOutlet Customer

"Very happy with all purchases made at Swim Outlet. Shipping is fast."

January  5, 2015 - Toni Nguyen

"Great selection and prices!"

January  5, 2015 - paula

"This is my second time ordering items from swim outlet and I am very satisfied with all the products I have received. High quality, great selection and the best price I could find online"

January  4, 2015 - foralora

"Super quick and easy. Thank you."

January  4, 2015 - MO

"Great selection. Fantastic prices. Quick shipping. First place I look for swim stuff for my daughter!"

January  4, 2015 - Swimoutlet Customer

"Nice prices"

January  4, 2015 - Swimoutlet Customer

"great products"

January  4, 2015 - Swimoutlet Customer

"very good site."

January  4, 2015 - Fishingkuni

"Big selection of women's swim apparel"

January  4, 2015 - Swimoutlet Customer

"Luv swim suit selections and colors and sale prices!! Maybe should add some fins for lap swimming. Not ocean long fins. Thx"

January  4, 2015 - Swimoutlet Customer

"Many friends recommend swimmingoutlet. I do so too. Thanks"

January  4, 2015 - linda

"very good prices"

January  4, 2015 - mike

"First experience was great. Will likely come back to shop for more swim gear as my daughter and son swim competitively."

January  4, 2015 - 24swim

"Awesome products! Great selection of competition swimwear."

January  4, 2015 - Emma

"Great gear offered here!"

January  4, 2015 - Swimoutlet Customer

"I can usually find products I need for cheaper than other websites."

January  4, 2015 - Micka

"Great prices on almost ALL the swimsuits that I looked at. Approximately half the price of the retail stores! I will definitely recommend and shop here again!"

January  4, 2015 - Yanners

"I was very impressed by the variety of swimsuits as well as the prices! I looked at MANY different websites, and the prices on this website were lowest by far. However, the selection was also the best! I would order from this website again."

January  4, 2015 - Swimoutlet Customer

"love this website!"

January  4, 2015 - Swimoutlet Customer

"great supply of equipment and gear"

January  4, 2015 - tystswimmer

"This is an excellent website that is secure and very easy to use. I'm glad to purchase my swimwear from this website."

January  4, 2015 - Jdubs

"y daughter is new to the sport of swimming and another parent told me about your site. We are pleased with the first purchase and only returned the suit because we ordered two different sizes. You have many suits to choose from and the cost is more competitive than the few stores in our area."

January  4, 2015 - SwimMom2017

"I like that I can search for items in different ways. Especially by brand."

January  4, 2015 - Swimoutlet Customer

"great customer service, great prices"

January  4, 2015 - ally

"It was great. Good selection and prices. Recommended by our kids swim instructor"

January  4, 2015 - Swimoutlet Customer

"easy and great shopping"

January  4, 2015 - peter

"I have purchased several items from Swim Outlet and have always had a positive experience. Best of all I like the sales for quality products. The no shipping charges is nice and the ease of overall on-line experience both were benefits."

January  4, 2015 - Mickey

"beautiful and well constructed and warm swim parkas; sizes were great"

January  4, 2015 - Swimoutlet Customer

"This was a great shopping experience. I was able to get a suit for water aerobics and at the same time a suit for a beach vacation. The water weights will be great to take on my monthlong trip so I can exercise in the pool every day."

January  4, 2015 - DeeTee

"Doing great I love getting my swimming supplies from you guys!!"

January  4, 2015 - Dana

"Awesome products, awesome prices, and awesome website. Thank YOU!"

January  4, 2015 - tlopez

"I found what I was looking for fast and at a great price!"

January  4, 2015 - Tara

"I really enjoyed shopping at Swim outlet today! This was my first ever purchase from here! I shopped for swim caps for my daughter (age 10). I am excited to see how she likes them!"

January  4, 2015 - Swimoutlet Customer

"I was pleased with my first order from SwimOutlet, so I felt very confident and comfortable with a second order."

January  4, 2015 - Cheryl

"I like the variety of swimsuit brands and styles."

January  4, 2015 - Salimar

"Swimoutlet was highly recommended by fellow swimmers"

January  4, 2015 - Sandy

"its a great website to shop on."

January  4, 2015 - joelle

"very helpful information, good selection"

January  3, 2015 - Pepper

"I have ordered from this site in the past. I have always been satisfied with the swim apparel and will continue to shop here. I was able to contact this site with a quick response regarding a product question."

January  3, 2015 - Lia

"Good quality items and easy to order"

January  3, 2015 - Swimoutlet Customer

"Awesome prices and choices"

January  3, 2015 - Ate

"Everything I bought was very nice."

January  3, 2015 - Judy

"i am getting to like buying online more and more. super convenient. swimoutlet.coms site extremely forward, easy to read and navigate, love it!!"

January  3, 2015 - trish

"Great reviews! Good prices~"

January  3, 2015 - SLC

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"The web site was well organized and easy to navigate. My items arrived on time and fully met my expectations. I will definitely shop at again!"

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"My husband recently ordered a suit to use as a daily exercise. I then ordered an exercise suit also. We both swim at the Y so needed a chlorine resistant suit. Ordering was very easy. We both received our suits in a couple days. The suits were true to size and the quality seems very good."

February  2, 2014 - Kit

"Couldn't ask for better service in resolving my issue. Thanks."

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"Thank you for taking such great care of this customer!"

January  23, 2014 - Randy

"This is the first time I have dealt with swimoutlet.......and I am here to tell you, they have the best customer service hands down. I had an issue with a suit I ordered, and they went above and beyond to make sure I am happy! I will definitely buy from again and I highly recommend them!!! "

January  22, 2014 - Bella

"Great service, great people, great products. I would not shop anywhere else for my triathlon gear. Thank You All "

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"Wow. You guys rock"

January  22, 2014 - David

"I am so thrilled with the service I received. This was my first time using, but be assured, it will not be the last. Thank you again, A Very Satisfied Customer"

January  15, 2014 - Diane

"I am very happy and satisfied with my experience! I posted a follow up comment on your Facebook page! Thank you for the wonderful customer service. You gained a loyal customer! Jenny is a wonderful employee. I will shop with you for all of my yoga lifestyle needs!"

January  9, 2014 - Nina

"I use many companies to make purchases on the internet but all alone at the top of my buying list is Swim Outlet A#1. Great wedsite; very good and varied selections; great service on the phone with their helpful staff and super good action when returns need to be made. Will continue to shop here."

January  5, 2014 - David - Padre D

"The web site has everything I could possibly need. First time on site but was definitely impressed. Looking forward to receiving my order. As far as the service I received on the phone placing my order because I had a few questions the rep I talked to was great. The phrase "customer service"is definitely alive and well with your business and people. Thanks for having a very good and easy to get around web site."

January  4, 2014 - Paula

"This is the only place I buy swimwear."

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"As an Aquatic professional, I continue to use your site and recommend it highly."

December  31, 2013 - Sara

"Wonderful service provider. Knew the answers and exactly what to do. Additionally I love that a real live person answered and almost zero wait time. I will do more business with you! Thank you."

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"SwimOutlet gave me amazing service. We have several children and will use your site in the future due to the easy returns. Thank you for great customer service."

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"We have been buying from Swim Outlet for the past few years (swim bags, goggles, towels) and have found their service absolutely great and the sales people we have ordered from very polite and know the products very well. We would never order from any other swim company."

December  28, 2013 - Marcia

"Everyone I have ever spoken to is friendly, attentive, and very helpful. Easily the best customer service department I have ever dealt with. Thank you!"

December  26, 2013 - Nicole

"Your customer service is amazing! It was 100% hassle free to return the items I needed to and to get the correct ones ordered. The representative did it all over the phone for me so I didn't have to do anything except mail the stuff I wanted to return. It was a huge time saver for me. I appreciate the time the representative took with me to explain how swimsuits are measured; I now have a better idea of how to order in the future. Great job--this exceptional customer service experience is why I will order form again!"

December  25, 2013 - Julie

"Just received my order, so my Christmas came today! I am so pleased with my new shorts, linen pants.and my Hurley sweater. Everything fits! Can't say that about some other orders I've received. I ordered a large Hurleys Bruna crew neck sweater and it fits my small frame. Feels like cashmere. THANKS!"

December  19, 2013 - KThomas

"I am always happy with this site because it is always trustworthy and most of the time has very reasonable prices and very accommodating. "

December  2, 2013 - Kathryn

"I love surfoutlet service they are amazing and friendly. I will do more shopping online to support their business."

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November  19, 2013 - Lance

"Taking my husband to buy shoes is a pain! However, he likes his Crocs, who knew, but the last pair I got him were too big. We were going to return them, but thanks to Taylor we came home with a new pair. Taylor was very patient and helpful, plus we had a lot of laughs and fun doing it. "

November  18, 2013 - Sue Boknecht

"This was my first purchase from I am definitely impressed and will shop from you when I need shoes again!"

November  18, 2013 - Andrea

"guys you are getting better and better . I got stock Sunday night at your website ordering stuff for my kid . I call you guys, the man said < there nothing he could do to next next day , I was upset but i called next day , they solve the whole thing and now with this easy return , I am happy happy"

November  14, 2013 - Astrid

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November  14, 2013 -

"Really appreciated the professional and friendly service."

November  11, 2013 - Susan

"I have been very pleased with the swim suits I have purchased! They fit true to size which was a definite concern ordering online! I am also impressed with the prompt delivery of the items I have ordered and the low prices and high quality!"

November  2, 2013 - Kay

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"This is my first purchase from swim outlet. I've experienced issues with other website butt this. I am very happy with the service of swim outlet since my order was accepted very fast and the item arrived on time, also prices are incredible. Thank you."

September  18, 2013 - Chris Carneiro

"Excellent customer service!! Thanks!!"

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"I have made two separate purchases at different times and in both cases SwimOutlet has been on the money. I found product reviews particularly helpful and their service impeccable. Surprised with quick delivery they are my go to site for our all swim needs. Keep up the Great Work."

August  17, 2013 - John L

"What great customer service. I made a mistake in my order. When I called the next day the rep was super nice, super helpful and fixed what had gone wrong. "

August  5, 2013 - Susan

"The red Dolfin LTF Verve HP Back is a winner, hardly knew I was wearing it. Fit real good and very lightweight. Dries quickly. The Multi color fully lined did not fit as good. Was loose in back thigh leg. Service Rep was great when I ordered."

June  27, 2013 - Gaile Harden

"just keep up the good work - i use swim outlet to purchase all my swimming gear and will continue to do so."

June  21, 2013 - Shaun

"Having four kids who swim/play water polo I shop swimoutlet on a monthly basis. The customer service is ALWAYS exceptional, shipping is unbelievable fast and products have always been high quality. I recently made our first bulk team purchase and it was as easy as ordering a few items for my kids!"

June  20, 2013 - Andrea

"Great service, fast delivery, quality suits. Very pleased! "

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"It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you!"

June  19, 2013 - Julia

"I order Penguin Instant Cleaner last week because it was recommended on the Clarks website and had fast and free shipping. I was a bit skeptical when my fedex tracking number didn't work and was a bit worried because I had never heard of the site---My worries were put aside upon coming home from work yesterday to see the package waiting for me as promised. The website is well designed and easy to use---I will definitely be shopping here again and spreading the word. Just wanted to let yall know you're doing a great job!"

June  19, 2013 - Nathan

"Keep up the good work ! It was my first order, but the items ordered did not fit, so I had to return them. The Customer service was very efficient in resolving my problem and I know that because of that, I will order again on your website."

June  18, 2013 - Marie-Claire

"I have been very impressed with SwimOutlet's customer service! Great job! I would recommend you to all my friends."

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"Would like to say your Service is great no delays product just what I ordered And came very quickly Will use the site again Thank you "

June  5, 2013 -

"Although SwimOutlet was unable to meet my needs ultimately, my doing business with them was extraordinary! I had to return items and there was never a question about replacing them or returning my money, and they were expedient and gracious in the process. "

May  30, 2013 - kei signz

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"very impressed with your service.. will be a return customer."

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"This is my second suit and I want to thank Swimoutlet for helping me after I ordered a bathing suit that was too big-I was upset. We discovered the material was different so I had to get a different pattern and style -- it worked out GREAT!! I <3 my new suit and CANCUN 2013 or BUST!"

May  12, 2013 - Nikki Rose

"I am pleased with how easy it was to return a swimsuit. We discovered material difference's from my "2012" suit so it didn't fit properly. I got an email that my return package arrived also my pending refund . My new replacement fits perfectly . Thanks SWO ,See you next year! CANCUN 2013 or BUST!!"

May  1, 2013 - Nikki Rose

"Awesome customer service! Very pleased so far."

April  29, 2013 - Tim

"I love Swim Outlet.I was looking for a suit that I can wear that's cheap and you bet I found it!"

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"I was most impressed that SwimOutlet contacted me to tell me my return had been received BEFORE I was able to check the status online with FedEx. Thank you! I love your suits and your prices. I tell everyone I know to order suits from you!"

April  24, 2013 - Jennifer

"great & prompt customer service! Thank you"

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"You guys went beyond my expectations in solving my problem, thanks so much"

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"Swim dad, 3 boys, & I'm a 5x per week fitness swimmer. You can imagine our budget $$ for suits, goggles, shampoo, bags, etc. Spent $500+ at Swim Outlet, not 1 regret! Checked many online sites, you are cheapest we found on 98% of items. Loyal customers for life here!!"

April  13, 2013 - Randy

"You were great - will definitely use you in the future. Even got a thank-you card."

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April  12, 2013 - FRED

"Don't change a thing. Thanks again!"

April  12, 2013 - Jeff

"Excellent customer service. I ordered GU gel from you and cant believe how fast I got it !! WHOO HOO !! Thanks ! My email to you was about getting some samples to put in runners bags for a 5K race Im in charge of putting together..the representative immediately emailed me and told me they were going to send it on to the department in charge of that kind of stuff. A+ experience with your site A++ if your able to supply samples and some literature for 300 runners gift bags :)"

April  4, 2013 - kimberly

"Awesome!! I really liked your site before, but you now have a loyal customer!! Many thanks for great service!"

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"Thank you for verifying the order. Thank you very much for your prompt response to my email. Great service!"

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"Always a pleasure dealing with your company"

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"We recently bought my daughter her first fast suit. We had a problem with it and customer service was so helpful. They made sure the replacement suit was here in time for the championship meet. I recommend SwimOutlet to everyone. "

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February  2, 2013 - Ruthy

"Hey Guys!! Just wanted to express my thanks and astonishment at your incredibly fast service!!! Have never experienced anything that good. Ordered shoes on Fri eve and they arrived in mail Sat mid day. Incredible. Told my Daughter about you guys and our Triathlon club about you and we may be sending some business your way. Thanks again"

February  2, 2013 - Don

"Your team is amazing, thank you!"

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"Ordered Thursday. Received Tuesday. Correct product and it fits perfectly. Excellent Price for a Tyr suit. What more do you want?"

July  21, 2010 - John

" helps me to live in simplicity as a seminarian. I saved money because I found good deals for my swim wear. Now, I encourage my parishioners to buy from this website because a good exercise does not necessarily to be expensive. Thank you."

July  21, 2010 - ryan

"Have been purchasing from Swimoutlet since 2004. The customer service is excellent and the shipping costs are a great deal, and the selection and pricing is fantastic. I swim between 8-10 hours a week and I tell everybody oh yeah that came from"

July  21, 2010 - Amy

"daughter started h20 polo last year-never knew about swim suits and what to get-looked on line found you guys and have been soooo happy with the web site (very easy) delivery and quality of suitsl very good experience and i love to see what people write about what i think i might buy helpful"

July  20, 2010 - loridn44

"Have 3 swimmers in the house...Swimoulet has the right prices...good selection and are always the best in Customer Service. They have what counts for me!"

July  20, 2010 - Karon

"Everything we purchased for our swimteam was perfect. Even the two piece life guard swim suit fit perfect on my hard to fit tall thin daughter. Swim caps were also cute!"

July  20, 2010 - Andrea

"I love Swim outlet so much so much best prices!!! And love facebook page the quizzes that get me going LOVE THEM!!! :)"

July  20, 2010 - Tommie

"i love because they always have the best prices on the things i need. they have a great selection of swimsuits and is always efficient with shipping and quality inspection. i am always a satisfied customer :D"

July  20, 2010 - smmencos

"Your company was efficient, responsive, and knows the meaning of great customer service. I was a retail manager for many years and your company is one of the few that still get it."

July  16, 2010 - Cindy

"You guys are great! :)"

July  16, 2010 - Laura

"I was very impressed with the level of service and kindness. I will make all of my future swim and accessory purchases at"

July  16, 2010 - Kara

"Excellent customer service, you should be a model for other organizations."

July  16, 2010 - Jeanette

"Rick has been very over the top helpful to me on a couple different issues. I was a first time coach this year and will definently be coming back to him for all my orders in the future. Thank you very very very much!"

July  7, 2010 - Shannon

"As the Booster President, I have only had a positive experience. The sales team on the west coast has been helpful, polite, and generous with their time when we have a need. Thank you for all they do."

July  7, 2010 - Debby

"Customer Service rep had great command of the English language, easy to understand. Sounds like your one of the few companies that still employs Americans for customer service. Way to go SwimOutlet!"

July  7, 2010 - Gerald

"Katie, my customer service rep, was so patient and wonderful. She helped me find everything I needed and I am so happy!! Thanks!!!"

July  7, 2010 - Sunny

"Yosan was AWESOME! Excellent transaction, friendly, courteous, excellent attitude! Certainly got a return customer for life with that transaction! And, was the only place I could find the product I was looking for! Thanks so much! 1 very satisfied customer"

July  7, 2010 - Peter

"Service was superb. I got through right away, my problem was fixed immediately and the outcome was better than I expected with no hassle whatsoever. Bravo!"

July  7, 2010 - Gregory

"The representative I spoke to was absolutely wonderful. He not only helped me identify my sizing problem, but helped me to find affordable suits to fit the needs of my children. I ended up spending much more than I planned to b/c he kept finding great things for me."

July  7, 2010 - Rhea

"You folks are great!"

July  7, 2010 - Dana

"Compliments to you for a very smooth process and timely delivery of our order. I am a first time shopper and will not only return but pass the word on to my friends. The same day I ordered from your website I also ordered from usaswimming. I have yet to see that order go beyond processing. Good thing I ordered my most important items from you or we'd not have them in time for our swim meet!!!!"

September  22, 2008 - Doesn't want

"I am just writing to thank you for a totally pleasant online shopping experience. Your website is user friendly, email confirmations were prompt and items were shipped in a very timely manner. The items were all in 100% brand new condition and exactly as represented online. There is a new pool in our neighborhood and I will tell all my friends where I got my stuff! Thanks again, Janis Holmes (Please feel free to use my email as a testimonial, however, privacy is very important to me, so please do not use my name."Happy in Oregon" or something like that would be fine.)"

September  3, 2008 - Does not want
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