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  • June

    Michael Phelps Reveals More About His Olympic Schedule-Gold Medal Minute Video

    Michael Phelps, the greatest Olympian of all-time, reveals more about his event schedule as we near 2014 Phillips 66 National Championships. Current Photo via Mike Lewis/Ola Vista Photography

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    8 months ago.
    I love watching this man swim! He has awesome talent and a great attitude and outlook to go with it. An amazing athlete, He will do great!
    9 months ago.
    I am a 59 year old Masters swimmer, and I'm glad Michael Phelps isn't in my age group. What a great attitude he has. Don't blame him a bit for not swimming the 400 I.M. or the 200 fly. That will just make him that much faster in the events he does swim. GO MICHAEL!!!
    9 months ago.
    What an incredibly gracious man....such an awesome inspiration and role model for young athletes everywhere.
    9 months ago.
    It's easier for me to "climb my hills" when I see the master "taking on the mountains". When I hear his times, I always double take. Of course my times are for a 62 year old. I think Michael will enjoy swimming for a Long, long time!
    ken wilson
    9 months ago.
    I think Michael will go along because he loves what he is doing . He also try's hard at doing his best. That MAKES HIM A winner all ready! Win all the medals you can !
    9 months ago.
    I hope he adds a lot of new medals.
    Joe Yeskewicz
    9 months ago.
    Michael may just set one of his overall goals to have fun in the sport he loves. Do not be surprised if he ends up entering some of the events he said he would not compete in. He's still a "swimming machine" and no matter what the outcome, his competition will have to turn in super efforts to beat him once he peaks & tapers. He also gave the impression that the world would not end if he fails to win- it looks like he's "playing in the present," and when the time comes, he'll take his best shot. "It's not the victory, but the STRUGGLE for the victory," an Olympic ideal from previous generations.
    9 months ago.
    Michael will give it his all and do great!!
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