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Delmar, NY - High Performance Butterfly and Breaststroke 04-25-2015
Quincy, MA - Advanced Swimming and Mental Techniques 04-25-2015
Santa Clara, CA - High Performance Freestyle, Backstroke and Racing Strategies 04-25-2015
Long Island, NY - High Performance Freestyle Backstroke and Racing Strategies 04-25-2015
Long Island, NY - Premier Essentials of Backstroke and Freestyle 04-25-2015
Santa Clara, CA - Premier Essentials: Freestyle, Backstroke and Racing Skills 04-26-2015
Shelton, CT - Premier Clinic; Essentials of Fast Freestyle and Breaststroke 04-26-2015
Delmar, NY - Premier Clinic: Essentials of Butterfly and Breaststroke 04-26-2015
Woodstock, IL - Essentials of Fast Backstroke and Freestyle 05-02-2015
New Canaan, CT - Premier Clinic: Essentials of Efficient Backstroke and Butterfly 05-02-2015
Crawfordsville, IN - Essentials of Fast Butterfly and Breaststroke 05-03-2015
Sterling, IL - Fundamentals of Fast Breaststroke and Butterfly 05-03-2015
New Canaan, CT - High Performance Butterfly, Backstroke, and Racing Skills 05-03-2015
South Bend, IN - Essentials of Backstroke and Freestyle 05-03-2015
Reston, VA - Strategies and Techniques for Open Water Racing 05-23-2015
Ventura, CA - Premier Essentials for Butterfly and Freestyle 05-30-2015
Snohomish, WA - Essentials of Breaststroke and Butterfly 05-30-2015
Sonoma, CA - Essentials of Powerful Backstroke and Freestyle 05-30-2015
Napa, CA - High Performance Freestyle, Backstroke, and Racing Skills 05-30-2015
Snohomish, WA - High Performance: Breaststroke, Butterfly and IM Transitions 05-31-2015
Ventura, CA - High Performance Clinic for Butterfly and Freestyle 05-31-2015
Lodi, CA - Shooting, Passing, and Defensive Fundamentals 06-05-2015
Lodi, CA - Essentials of Fast Freestyle and Racing Skills 06-06-2015
Lodi, CA - Advanced Water Polo Shooting, Perimeter, and Mental Skills 06-06-2015
Lodi, CA - High Performance Sprint and Endurance Freestyle 06-07-2015
Milford, DE - Racing Skills and Championship Mindset 06-07-2015
Plymouth, MN - Essentials Premier: Freestyle and Backstroke 06-15-2015
Plymouth, MN - High Performance Clinic: Freestyle, Backstroke and Racing Skills 06-16-2015
Coral Springs, FL - Fundamentals of Fast and Powerful Breaststroke and Butterfly 08-29-2015
Coral Springs, FL - High Performance Breaststroke and Butterfly Technique 08-30-2015
Muncie, IN - Freestyle Technique: Body Position, Clean Catch, Rotation, and Turns 09-12-2015
Northeast Region - Elite Speed and Power Camp 09-19-2015
Westfield, MA - Essentials of Efficient Freestyle and Breaststroke 09-19-2015
Westfield, MA - High Performance Freestyle and Breaststroke 09-20-2015
Western Region - Elite Speed and Power Camp 09-26-2015
Mid Atlantic Region - Elite Speed and Power Camp 09-26-2015
Central Region - Elite Speed and Power Camp 10-03-2015
Pleasntville, NJ - Essentials Premier: Fast Freestyle and Backstroke 10-03-2015
Pleasantville, NJ - Essentials Premier: Fast Freestyle and Backstroke 10-03-2015
Pleasantville, NJ - High Performance Starts, Turns, and Race Preparation 10-04-2015
Pleasantville, NJ - High Performance Starts, Turns, and Race Preparation 10-04-2015
Canajoharie, NY - Essentials of Efficient Freestyle and Breaststroke 10-04-2015
Muskegon, MI - Essentials of Backstroke and Freestyle 10-10-2015

Professionally Managed, Inspirational Events

The Fitter & Faster Tour Presented by is the turn-key elite swim clinic operation in the United States. Our work begins the day you agree to do a clinic until the event concludes. Each FFT swim clinic is customized for groups of all sizes, ages, skills, and budgets.

Every FFT swim clinic is supported by an on-deck Event Manager to make sure every clinic is a comfortable, great learning atmostphere for participants and spectators. Each clinic is supported by event planners and utilities to spread the word about your events - saving you money and work. Call 786-837-6881 or email us to learn more.

Appearing Soon

There are over thirty Olympic and World Championship medal winners who have hosted Fitter and Faster Swim Tour events! We will work with you to select the most appropriate stars for your event.

  • Jimmy Feigen

    Jimmy Feigen

    At the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona, Spain, Feigen won the silver medal in the 100 freestyle. In the process he triumphed over the reigning Olympic champ. Check the list of cities to the right to see when Feigen and other champions will be conducting a clinic near you.

  • Chloe Sutton

    Chloe Sutton

    Sutton is the only athlete to compete for the USA Olympic Team in the pool AND in open water. She has five national championship titles and is seen as one of the premier distance freestylers in the sport. Swimmers of all ages and ability will benefit from the drills she teaches to improve freestyle efficiency and overall endurance. Check the city list to the right to see when Sutton and her teammates are coming to a city near you.

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June 10, 7:17 PM
10 months ago.
please give me the typical or average age of the SwimOutlet intermediate "Fitter and Faster" group. I would love the instruction and demonstration by the Olympians at Bethesda, MD this weekend but i cannot see myself on a starting block next to a 12 year old or a young teenager. I have guts but not that much. Let me know the ages and if they are too young, do you sponsor these events for adults? thank-you.. Stuart Cameron 202 244-7763
March 25, 09:38 AM
1 year ago.
What is the minimum amount of kids that we need to host a clinic?
March 25, 4:14 PM Web Team
1 year ago.
Hi Patricia,
That depends on several different variables. The best is simply to request a clinic on the Fitter & Faster Swim Tour website:

-- Web Team
December 13, 10:08 AM
1 year ago.
Nothing in South Carolina? Charleston - Myrtle Beach????
December 11, 3:34 PM
1 year ago.
Please try Orange County Please......
December 11, 09:22 AM
1 year ago.
Orange County, CA please.
December 11, 08:49 AM
Dhiren Gurung
1 year ago.
Dallas, Texas Please!!
December 11, 06:11 AM
1 year ago.
Please bring Claire to the the North East!
December 11, 04:58 AM
1 year ago.
What about Canada?
December 11, 00:12 AM
1 year ago.
Honolulu please!
December 10, 7:42 PM
1 year ago.
Our girls high school swim team would love for you to come to the Icebox of the Nation to do swim clinics. We live on the border with Canada and could pull in 2 swim teams from there to have a combined large training session. Would love to hear from you. Thanks!!
February 7, 08:09 AM
1 year ago.
Leann, could your team possibly attend the clinics in Quincy, MA? We actually have a team from Nova Scotia attending those clinics. I'm not sure if you are close enough...?
December 10, 6:47 PM
1 year ago.
Come to Madison, Alabama!
June 4, 1:51 PM
1 year ago.
Come to Austin, Texas!!
April 24, 09:34 AM
2 years ago.
Houston, TX, could support a huge clinic!
December 2, 4:39 PM
Rachael Gill
2 years ago.
I help coach a pre-comp team of 130 kids 8 to 16. The kids would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you come out to our Rec center in Salt Lake City UT. These kids give us 100% of themselves. It would be Amazing to be able to suprise them with this!!!!
July 28, 10:39 PM
3 years ago.
We would love to have you all out in Phoenix Arizona
July 28, 6:47 PM
3 years ago.
Would love to see you in Jackson, Mississippi. We have a great swim team,
more than 200 swimmers. The Mississippi Makos Swim Team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels, concentrating on level specific training for all of our athletes that is geared towards challenging each individual and developing the best of THEIR abilities. To have you guys come to Jackson, Mississippi would be a great step for all the swimmers. Do consider coming to our city.
July 28, 08:23 AM
Pete Thomsen SR
3 years ago.
What a great idea...we support a very strong youth and Masters Swim Group in the Pleasanton,CA area. THANKS..and oh yeas, we do buy many of our needs from Swim Outlet!

July 27, 6:18 PM
Maggie Walstrom
3 years ago.
Would love to see you guys in Buffalo, MN. We have a great swimming & Diving team for both the guys and girls!!!
July 27, 12:12 PM
3 years ago.
Would love to see you in Erie, PA. We have a great competitive swimming community in Northwestern PA!
July 27, 09:55 AM
3 years ago.
Please come to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Let's bring swimming to our City with the passion and committeemen that all our swimmmers demonstrate every day at Practice. Football and Hockey get too much credit in our city, let's show how "true athletes" do it!!!
July 27, 08:49 AM
3 years ago.
Anytime planned for the SF bay area East Bay? Oakland/Pleasanton by any chance?
July 27, 08:33 AM
3 years ago.
We attended F&FT in Fall 2010 at Bowdoin College (Brunswick, ME). Such a great event. Please come back to New England!! THANKS.
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