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Chammyz Surf Bomber

Chammyz Surf Bomber

rating star Keeps you warm after jumping out of a cold pool, but Not super sturdy

By KT from CT on 1/30/2015


I use this during the winter after getting out of the lap pool. It keeps we warm, even after wicking a lot of moisture. The hood is great for keeping a wet head of hair warm. The material is soft, fairly lightweight, and super absorbent. The downside is that the seams pull when struggling to put on the jacket while wet. This has led to several gaps in the seams. I made the mistake of washing and drying it NOT on the gentle cycle and this soft of shredded key parts of the fabric where there was already wear and tear--especially at the edges. It runs big, and the sleeves are quite long. I have had it for many years though and use it a lot. When my current jacket completely wears out, I will buy another as there is no other product like it on the market, and it really does the trick. Just wish it were sturdier.

Royal Comfort Terry Velour Beach Towel 30

Royal Comfort Terry Velour Beach Towel 30" x 60"

rating star Perfect towel for my needs

By da from Missouri on 1/28/2015

Size: NA

This towel is perfect for my needs. It is a good weight towel (not super thick- which could make it very bulky) that is very absorbent. It is very soft and I love the vibrant colors it comes in. I will buy again when this one wears out.

Saltwater Canvas Shower Bag

Saltwater Canvas Shower Bag

rating star Shower Bag

By Kim from Wisconsin on 1/28/2015

Size: NA

Love this shower bag. Fits large bottles of shampoo/conditioner and body wash. Smaller pockets on outside perfect for smaller bottles and comb. So much better than trying to juggle multiple items on the way to the shower.

Sporti 20

Sporti 20" x 36" Dry Towel

rating star Not as advertised

By John N from Denver, CO on 1/27/2015

Size: NA

Item was smaller than advertised (~4" shorter). Also, when stored as advised (damp, in the tube it came it), the item did not dry and got mildew (I live in a very dry climate so I know it wasn't from humidity in the air). Overall the item was not BAD, Sporti simply needs to update its specifications and figure out a better storage method

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