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Sorbothane Products

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ABOUT Sorbothane

Founded in 1982, Sorbothane®, Inc. has been providing shock and vibration solutions for over 25 years. Along with being a custom molder we also offer a complete line of standard products and sheet stock as described in our Industrial Standard Products and Price Guide. Using the latest 3D CAD software our engineering staff is ready to assist in designing the ideal damper or isolator for your product. Our engineers will conduct a thorough evaluation and provide a comprehensive solution including part design and drawings.

Sorbothane®, Inc. utilizes an in-house R & D lab to test and verify the shock absorbing performance of our products. Sorbothane's manufacturing process results in low-cost tooling, short lead times and cost effective production. With 64,000 square feet of manufacturing Sorbothane can ensure rapid prototyping and timely production of low, medium or high volume needs. We combine over a century of tested experience in the design and manufacturing of components that protect the integrity and performance of your product. Engineers worldwide choose Sorbothane for applications requiring shock absorption, vibration isolation and damping.



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