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ABOUT Point 65

Founded in Sweden in 1996, Point 65 Kayaks was named after an island near the Northern City of Skellefteå, Sweden and the home of the Gåsöre lighthouse. The place was built in 1881 and it is surrounded by an archipelago of hundreds of islands, which is ideal for kayaking. When they created Point 65 Kayaks, the founders and managing brothers, Tomas and Richard Öhman, combined the beauty of those islands with the ingenuity and engineering of the lighthouse. Today, Point 65 kayaks are sold all over the world and innovation remains their hallmark.

Tomas and Richard Öhman have always had a passion for water sports, the ocean, designing, and building their equipment. Avid sailers, they built their first boat at the age of 12 and 13. After that, the brothers continued to combine their passion of designing, building, and riding. They shaped their own surfboards and windsurfing boards back in the early 80s, travelling around Europe, the US, and Africa to go riding and gliding.

Other members of the company include Nigel Foster , Magnus de Brito, and Freja Hoffmeister. Nigel Foster joined the team in 2004 when he brought his international reputation as a kayak designer and his extensive kayaking knowledge. He is the designer behind the Point 65's Whisky 16 and Double Shot, as well as the Point 65's Nigel Foster paddle and the Explorer PFD. Magnus de Brito is one of the leading designers in Scandinavia, where he has headed design projects with industry giants such as Porsche, Scania Trucks, Hyundai, Intelligent Sound, Pirelli Boats, and Agip Marin. Magnus is the designer behind the award winning modular kayaks Apollo, Tequila!, Martini and Mercury, but he also designs state of the art touring kayaks like the Point 65's XP18, XP18 Spyder and Freya Expedition. Freja Hoffmeister is the company’s ultimate test paddler. She takes her kayaks on expeditions like the circumnavigation of New Zealand and Australia.

The people at Point 65 realize that no kayak model suits everyone. Each person is so different, with varying objectives, tastes, ambitions, skills, and comfort levels in and out of the water. That is why Point 65 focuses on creating a variety of the most versatile, innovative kayaks on the market. They focus on engineering the best-quality kayaks for all levels of kayakers.



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