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Triathlon Skills with Sara McLarty

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  • Learn from one of the fastest swimmers in triathlon! In this 75 minute instructional video Sara McLarty shares her secrets for working on stroke technique, and learning open-water skills in the pool. She clearly demonstrates the technique and skills she's learned through many years of training, competing and working with other triathletes. This video presents Sara's top ten drills for working on stroke technique. Her drill progression starts with basic balance and moves through flutter kick, breathing, rotation, and the secrets of an effective pull. Whether you're a beginner or advanced competitor, Sara's drills will help you improve as a swimmer and will lead you to a new level of efficiency and success.

    Learn how and why you should:
    • Breathe on both sides
    • Start from zero in deep water
    • Draft off other swimmers to get maximum benefit
    • Be comfortable swimming near other people
    • Sight efficiently and effectively
    • Turn at the buoys
    • Use dolphin dives at the start and finish of your race

    Additional Features:
    • Each technique drill is illustrated from multiple angles
        - Side, head-on, below, and rear
        - From above and below the surface
    • Slow-motion and freeze-frame footage
    • Zoom in on key moves and really see how to do them

    • 75 minutes



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