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Human Kinetics Water Fun Book with Water Fun DVD

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    Learn to swim, get fit, and stay safe in the water with Water Fun. This all-inclusive book features 115 individual and group stunts, skills and games including: water exercises, water adjustment, and stroke readiness skills; sport specific and cross-training activities; and safety skills.

    • 192 pages
    • Features over 57 activities that bring the book to life

    DVD- The activities from the book Water Fun come to life in the Water Fun DVD. These aquatic activities are excellent for participants of all ages and skill levels because they're easy on the joints, they don't cause heat stress, and-most important-they're fun! A majority of the 57 activities included on the DVD are designed for shallow water and require little, if any, swimming skill.

    • Terri Lees hosts and narrates this DVD that is divided into five segments:
    • Levels of performance
    • Aqua basics
    • Sports aqua
    • Partner stunts and skills

    Each segment includes several activities, and instructors are encouraged to create their own variations of these activities following basic safety guidelines. The name and objective of each activity are clearly shown to help instructors ensure that participants get the most out of every activity. Underwater photography is used extensively on this DVD to make the activities easy to learn and teach.



Human Kinetics

Along with physically training for sport or exercise, studying theory and learning psychological technique is an integral part of progressing in your discipline. Human Kinetics provides in-depth literature for swimming exercise and fitness training, maternity swimming, learning how to swim, teaching water safety and lifeguard essentials. Human Kinetics recognizes that some people learn by reading words, while some prefer action and images; this line of illustrative and informative reading materials contains ample pictures and exercises, and is bound to be beneficial for all swimmers, no matter whether you are a novice or an advanced competitor.