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Go Swim Positioning Techniques for Teaching Swimming

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    In Go Swim™ Positioning Techniques for Teaching Swimming, learn how to become a great coach or teacher from one of the best stroke teachers in the world, Steve Haufler.

    • Steve shares what has made him become a better instructor: knowing where and how to position yourself to the swimmer and how to position the swimmer’s body to learn the skills correctly.
    • A 5-step progression for teaching the four strokes.
    • How to position your body and the swimmer’s body for the best results.
    • Where to stand.
    • How to use your hands to guide your students through correct kicking, pulling, recovery, and breathing movements.
    • How to provide resistance to your swimmer’s movements.
    • How to make sure the student experiences correct movements.
    • How to get results by teaching eye to eye and hand to hand.



Go Swim

Go Swim consists of a collective group of swimmers, artists, producers and writers that work together to help you swim your best. Their collection of educational DVD's are meant help you reach your personal potential whether your swim professionally or not. Whether you're looking to improve your breaststroke or learn the butterfly from the best, trust Go Swim to get you across the finish line faster than ever before.