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Go Swim Open Water Swimming with Mike Collins Go Swim Open Water Swimming with Mike Collins

Go Swim Open Water Swimming with Mike Collins

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    In Go Swim&trade Open Water Swimming with Mike Collins, Michael offers advice for novice to elite athletes on making open-water swimming less intimidating and more exciting!

    • Michael uses pool footage, graphics, and footage from triathlon races and ocean-based training sessions to teach.
    • Basic freestyle swimming skills: Comfort in water, head / body position, low-effort swimming, and breathing techniques.
    • Course evaluation and safety: Water temperature, waves, currents, bottom conditions, and how to study course layout.
    • Advanced open-water skills: Entries, dolphining, navigation, sighting, drafting, turning around buoys, exits, riding waves, and race strategies.
    • Bonus features: Interview with Todd Heady (triathlon champion), and wetsuit and race-start advice from Barb Lindquist and Wes Hobson.
    • Approximate running time: 35 minutes instructional + 25 minutes bonus material.



Go Swim

Go Swim consists of a collective group of swimmers, artists, producers and writers that work together to help you swim your best. Their collection of educational DVD's are meant help you reach your personal potential whether your swim professionally or not. Whether you're looking to improve your breaststroke or learn the butterfly from the best, trust Go Swim to get you across the finish line faster than ever before.