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Backstroke for Every Body Backstroke for Every Body

Backstroke for Every Body

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    Designed to help swimmers develop a more efficient and effective backstroke technique, Backstroke for Every Body offers an "organic" path to success by integrating every practice step into the stroke as a whole. The presentation of every drill step includes clear demonstrations and indicates the relevance of each aspect to the whole-stroke, allowing swimmers to easily integrate what they've been learning into whole-skill practice.

    • Live lesson with Terry Laughlin
        - Terry demonstrates and explains every step
        - What factors contributes to overall skill
        - How techniques relate to other skills in the sequence
    • Beneath the Surface
        - Shot in a pool with both camera and swimmer stationary
        - Allows for lengthy study of the movements
        - Shot from six different underwater and surface angles
        - Includes views from directly underneath and overhead
    • TI Coaches Practice
        - TI coaches practice the key drills and the whole stroke
        - Viewed from multiple angles
        - Examples of "imperfect" stroke skills
        - Illustrates likely stroke and drill errors to watch out for
    • For Boomers
        - Swim better than ever in your middle age
        - Tips from accomplished open-water swimmer Terry Laughlin
    • Running Time: 45 minutes



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