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Understanding Swimsuit Bra Tops

Bra top swimsuits combine the support and comfort of a bra with the style and functionality of a swimsuit. Bra top swimsuits are ideal for women looking for bust support, large-busted women, and women who have undergone mastectomy treatment. From underwire tops, to padding and cups, this guide will cover everything you need to know before choosing a swimsuit bra top.

Bra Top Styles

Built-in bra tops can be found in many swimsuit styles including bikini tops, tankini tops, and one-piece suits. Bra tops are supported with horizontal elastic strips, molded cups, or underwire. Boning in a swimsuit top refers to a plastic or metal seam placed in the side of the suit that provides additional structure and support. This is commonly found in bandeau and strapless tops.

Underwire Bra Tops

Most bra tops include an underwire and padding combination. Underwire bras are built with sewn-in wiring that is placed in a U-shape underneath the breast. The wiring can be made out of metal, wire, or molded plastic. It is designed to provide support, lift, and separate the breasts.

Hidden underwire does not use a seam to separate the cups from the underwire. It provides a smoother and more natural appearance than a traditional underwire top. Hidden underwire is commonly found in tankini tops and one-piece suits.

Bra Top Cups

There are various cup styles used in both underwire and non-underwire swimsuit bra tops. Underwire with sewn-in soft cups uses a built-in fabric to smooth and shape the bust. Underwire with removable soft cups allow the wearer to add or remove the fabric insert. Underwire with sewn-in soft cups and prosthesis pockets are used in post-mastectomy swimwear. It is designed to allow a prosthesis form insert to be placed inside the breast pocket.

A soft cup top is a molded cup that does not use metal or hard plastic to support the bust. Instead it relies on a thick band of fabric, underneath the bust, to provide support for the wearer's breasts. Soft cups hold their shape while smoothing, supporting, and covering the breasts. These are also referred to as molded bra cups, shaper bra cups, and foam cups.

Padding vs. Push-up Bra Tops

Padded bra tops refer to tops that use silicone or foam padding to add size and shape to the breasts. These can also come with removable padding. Push-up bra tops place padding on the bottom/outside of the bust and is designed to push the breasts up and inward to create instant cleavage.

Padding and push-up bra tops can come in both underwire and non-underwire tops. Padding and push-up pads can also be purchased and inserted into the underwire top or placed inside sewn-in pockets.

Top it Off

The swimsuit's sizing depends mainly on the brand and style. Some bra tops are sized based on the bra size, cup size, or standard swimsuit sizes. Make sure to find a bra top that fits you in both style and size. Whether you're search for support, cleavage, or smoothness, there are many options to choose from at

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4 months ago.
Do you carry any one piece suits with shelf bras at all? Every time I try cup bras they're either too big (I'm smaller on top than on bottom) or the cups come below my breasts. I can already see that I'm a statistical outlier since I'm barely a C-cup and that's just because I'm very overweight.
4 months ago.
Hi Sheila,

We do carry suits with shelf bra. You can find them in the link below. Please let us know if you have any questions. Hope you find one that you like. Have a great day!
6 months ago.
I have a double mastectomy (unreconstructed) and swim laps three days a week. I have been wearing a Speedo with a shelf bra or cutting out the padded soft cups. Now I am going to a beach resort. I do not even own a prosthesis for the left side and do not want to wear any for snorkeling. I am a size 20 W and in my 60s. Any help?
6 months ago.
Hi CJ,

We do have a section for post mastectomy suits. You'll find a link to those below:

We also have a lot of suits that come with shelf bras as well. Here is a link to those suits:

I hope you find something that you like. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Have a wonderful day!
Kyra Johnson
6 months ago.
Hi, I'm just a girl looking for a bikini that stays on and is totally dive proof, swim proof, and action proof! I'm tired of flimsy bikinis with foam cups that slip out or get mangled by the waves, but I don't want to sacrifice getting a full tan by wearing a one piece. Oh and bottoms that stay on tight with no pesky strings would be great too! Hope you can help!
6 months ago.
Hi Kyra,

I did not find any bikinis that are actually action proof but below is a link to some that are used for more frequent activities. I hope you find one that you like and fits your needs. Let us know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful day!
6 months ago.
I am a large women with a small bust (40B). I have started taking water aerobics and love it - but can not find a swimsuit that fits. I am desperate. I don't want to give up the first exercise program I have enjoyed. What should I do?
6 months ago.
Hi Sandy,

We would be happy to help you find a suit that fits! First we would need your measurements. Preferably your bust, waist and hips. And then we can go from there. You can use our size charts found here:

Or feel free to call our customer service at 1-800-691-4065 and we would be happy to assist you with finding a suit that fits and is comfortable so you wont have to give up your exercise program! We look forward to hearing from you soon!
7 months ago.
I wear a 38hh and I am looking for a tankini top with underwire..something that has support. Do you have anything that can suit me? Thanks
7 months ago.
I wear a 40g bra and I am looking for a swimdress that will support my chest. Is their any recommendations?
7 months ago.
Hi Elizabeth,

Unfortunately the biggest size we have is a DD and very few in E. You may want to try doing a Google search for a size G cup. Let us know if you have any other questions. Have a wonderful day!
7 months ago.
Hi, I am looking for a plain black sporty style bikini top for my tween daughter...she wants a little bit of padding though because she is self conscious about nipples showing. Do you have anything that doesn't look too padded or plunging ? Thx!
8 months ago.
I am trying to find a swimsuit for a 17 year old who would wear 32, but in cup size, a J. She would prefer a bikini(teenager) but wants something that is modest and supportive! What can you suggest?
8 months ago.
Hi Rebecca,

The biggest in cup size we have is an E. Here is a link to those tops:

Do you know her actual bust measurement? It would be the measurement around the fullest part of her bust. You can match that up with our measurements from our sizing charts. I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful day!
8 months ago.
I am a 42dd bra and i am trying to find out what my bathing suit size would be. Some bathing suit tops go by bra size and others give you a suit size. Can you help me?

Thank You,
8 months ago.
Hi Tracy,

We would be happy to help you with sizing. Sizing depends on the suit you're looking at. If its a competition suit then the sizes run by the bust measurement. If its a fitness suit then it runs by the womens dress size. We also recommend taking your bust, hips, and waist measurements and comparing them to our size charts. Below is a link to our size charts. Please contact us again if you have any further questions. Have a wonderful day!
9 months ago.
Is it okay to order a size larger than you are to compensate for the bust or is it better to just order true to size ?
9 months ago.
I am looking for a wireless bikini top, I measure 48 across fullest part of my breast. I usually wear 40G bra. It is hard to find a top that keeps the girls in place but allows me to get sun by the pool and swim also. I have tried wired and they rub and jab in all the wrong places.
9 months ago.
Dear Kitty,

It doesnt look like we carry too many wireless tops. Below are links to 2 I found. Usually the wire helps with support. I hope you find something that you like and works for you. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.
10 months ago.
I am looking for a one piece swimsuit with maximum support in the bust. I wear a 34B bra, but I need the support. Do you know where I can find them?
10 months ago.
Hi Diane,

You would want to get a suit with soft cups. Below is a link to those suits. I hope this information is helpful. Let us know if you need any further assistance. Have a great day! cup&Search.x=0&Search.y=0&UserSearch=Yes&checkRealSearchInput=Y
10 months ago.
I have implants that have moved to under my arms...I need side support. Where can I find under-wire bathing suits with side support? I wear a 32 E in Freya with a small bottom.
10 months ago.
Hi Leslie,

The only suits that I was able to find that have either side or all around support can be found in the links below. I hope you find something that you like and works for you. Have a wonderful day!
10 months ago.
Your website won't display swimsuit sizing.
10 months ago.
Hi Castpolymer,

Please let us know which size chart you are unable to view. Our size charts are catergorized under brands and can be viewed by the link below:

Please let us know if you have any other questions. Have a wonderful day!
11 months ago.
What is it called when a swim suit has an adjustable back band just like a bra? I know they exist but have a hard time locating them online because I don't know the description I should be using.
11 months ago.
Hi Jenny,

You can try a search for hook and eye clip swimsuits. Or try adjustable straps. It doesn't look like we carry any that have the hook in the back. Most of our adjustable back straps are tie backs. I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Have a wonderful day!
Mary Jo
10 months ago.
Hello, Jenny.

The type of clasp i believe you are looking for is called an 'adjustable slider clasp back'.

1 year ago.
Hello. I am looking for a lap-swim, one-piece suit--I am a 36D and would like a sporty looking suit (not frumpy i mean!) that also has good support. Any suggestions? I like the look of the Aqua Sphere suits but can't tell if they have any with a bra-like insert. Shelf bras usually aren't supportive enough. Thanks
1 year ago.
Hi Chris,

Below is a link to suits that have soft cups in them. Usually if a suit has extra support like a shelf bra or soft cups, it will be noted in the description. You should be able to find these types of suits in the Fitness section. I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful day! cups &UserSearch=Yes&checkRealSearchInput=Y
1 year ago.
I have a girlfriend that's a 36d and we do a lot of boating( jet skiing, tubing, wake boarding. She's scared to go because she thinks that her boobs will fall out. What type of swimsuit (sports bra)should I get her.
1 year ago.
Hi Zachary,

What kind of suit was she looking for? A one piece or 2 piece? She would probably want a suit that has some support so anything with cups or shelf bras. Below is a link to our section for d cup and up suits:

If she wants a one piece she may want to try our fitness section:

I hope this helps!
1 year ago.
i need help. i just got married n for my honeymoon we r going to vegas. im looking for a tankini thats cute and will fit my 40g bust size without me falling out. in regular shirts i wear a 2x n i cant find a swim top to save my life. im also looking for board shorts but ones that rnt super short, i want some to my knee, and i wear 24 in pants. plzzz help me!!
1 year ago.
Hi Danielle,

Congratulations on your marriage! Unfortunately we do not have any tankinis that go up to a 40G. Do you know the actual measurement around the fullest part of your bust in inches? I can see if we have something else that may fit you. As for the boardshorts, below is a link to our boardshorts that come in plus sizes:

I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions. Have a wonderful trip!
1 year ago.
DD swimsuits and bras do not seem to be the same size ever! I wear a 42DD bra, but when I order a DD swimsuit top, it is wayyy too small. What is the largest top you have? I have a DD I need to return, but would love to just swap it for one that fits!

I always hated the fact that my DD size forced me into 'plus size' swimwear, when I wear a size 10-12! :) Love the one piece I got from you all, though I had to get a larger size to fit my bust.
1 year ago.
Hi Debra,

Below is a link to all the DD tops we carry. It looks like 38DD is the largest I found. Do you know the actual measurement around the fullest part of your bust? That size usually is helpful when looking for suits that fit.

I hope this information is helpful. Let us know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful day!
1 year ago.
I need help. I am a 32G (USA) and i have been looking for a MODEST one piece bathing suit. I dont like the plunging neck lines. I really want a full coverage, underwire but i dont need any pushing up there haha! I also cant spend $100 on one..please help me!
1 year ago.
Hi Natalie,

We are happy to help you! Have you checked our Fitness section? We have conservative and moderate cut suits in that section. Below is a link to our Ocean Moderate Solid Lap Suit which has a shelf bra:

And here is a link to our Fitness section:

I hope you find something you like! Have a wonderful day!
Aly Putt
1 year ago.
I'm a 34D I want a swim top that has underwire and little to no padding no lifting or push up. all padding and push up and lift stuff doesn't leave room in the suit for the girls I want coverage I have enough lift with out these and I don't want to spend a fortune. suggestions?
1 year ago.
Hi Aly,

Here is a link to all the tops we have that come in D-Cup:

From that section I found a couple tops that seem to fit your need:

I hope you like one of these.
1 year ago.
I need support in my life guard suit. I am a 36D do you have any guard suits with any chest support? Or any styles that give more chest support. I wish I could try different ones on. Any suggestions?
1 year ago.
Hi Catherine,

I sincerely apologize for the late reply but if you are still looking for a guard suit with support we have the TYR Guard Reversible Diamondback with Cups:

Most of the guard suits we carry are just lined without any cups or shelf bras. I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful day!
1 year ago.
I recently had a baby and am still insecure about my body. Ideally, I want a sexy bra top one piece to hide the scar from my C-Section, but I don't want it to be old lady-ish. I wear a 34F in bra size and a 4 in pants. Is there any hope for me? I need support, coverage, but still feel confident and sexy. Please help!
1 year ago.
Hi Monet,

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Unfortunately we do not carry any suits or tops in F-Cup sizes. I'm sorry! I would suggest maybe looking for a tankini top for coverage and style. The tankini tops we have in the link below only go up to size DD:

You may want to try a Google search for Tankini tops in F-Cup sizes. You should be able to find something out there. Good luck!
1 year ago.
I feel like I will search the world over before I find a swimsuit. I am a 36H and looking for something with serious support. Do you know of any suits that have a combo of underwire, adjusting shoulder straps and an adjustable back strap? I am looking for a one piece that truly has a built in bra.
1 year ago.
Hi Kattie,

I am sorry to hear that it is hard for you to find a one piece suit that fits your needs. Unfortunately our 1 piece suits go up to D cups only. You may want to try doing a search on Google for suits that come in 36H sizes. Good luck!
1 year ago.
Hi, like to swim laps so I need a workout bikini. I like the Dolphin Uglies that tie in the front, but I just want a plane color. Will you have any next season?

Additionally, I wear a size 8 bottom and am a 34 DD. What size suit should I order?
1 year ago.
Hi Heather!

Dolphin Uglies suits generally have multiple colors. If you want a more subtle swimsuit, check out other stylish fitness bikinis at

Sizes vary from product to product, so we suggest checking the size charts on each product detail page. The size chart link can be found on the right hand side, next to the size selection area.

Hope that helps!

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