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FINIS 3X-100M Stopwatch

FINIS 3X-100M Stopwatch

rating star Great stopwatch

By QRK from Lake Forest, CA on 5/26/2016

Size: NA

Has all the features I needed for coaching

Garmin Swim Training Waterproof Watch

Garmin Swim Training Waterproof Watch

rating star Excellent, So Nice if you ever lose track of your lap

By Les H. from Richmond, VA on 5/24/2016

Size: NA

Received a Garmin Swim for my birthday at the end of March. Been swimming 5 days a week every day for all of April and May. MWF I do 2000 yards of free in various formations. TR I do kick drills with a swim snorkel (knee issues). I swim an an indoor pool at a university which is 25 yards in length.

Love this watch. Syncs seamlessly with Garmin Connect and Swim.com. Back in the day I used to wear an Ironman watch when I swam, but I was always lazy about recording my swims in a notebook. So nice to have Average pace / 100 yards, best pace / 100 yards, average strokes and SWOLF (which I had never heard of or used before). It's really helped me stay motivated in my workouts.

Other thing I really like about it is having the watch double check my lap/yardage count when my mind wanders.

Drill mode is easy to use, but it does not automatically count laps / distance. So you start the watch, start your drill, finish the drill, stop the watch, and then enter/confirm the distance. This is fine for me, but I could see it being tiresome if you do a bunch of drills of different lengths in a row.

In two months the watch has miscounted my laps twice. In both instances it decided to split one of my lengths into two lengths (first time it decided the first half of the length was a length of breast, second time it did this it had both laps as free). So while the time is correct for the workout, it gave me an extra 25 yards on my total yardage.

Since the extra yardage really bothered me, I googled around until I found the Swimming Watch Data Editor maintained by a programmer / swimmer out of Montreal. Downloaded the .fit file from Garmin. Uploaded it to the site and merged the two laps. Re-uploaded the workout into Garmin Connect, and everything is good.

Really liking this product. The only knock I have is that the buttons do not follow the same functions as on the Garmin Forerunner. Leads to me going back one menu when I really meant to scroll down when I'm trying to look at past workouts or adjust settings.

Underwater Audio Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Earphones

Underwater Audio Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Earphones

rating star Works well

By LewieRN from Madison WI on 5/24/2016

Size: NA

good overall, would like to see a thicker cord.. this is the 3rd set in 3 yrs.

AudioFlood 2GB Waterproof iPod Shuffle Bundle (4th Gen)

AudioFlood 2GB Waterproof iPod Shuffle Bundle (4th Gen)

rating star Swimming isn't boring anymore!

By Happy swimmer from Long beach, ca on 5/23/2016

Size: TRUE

This works great! The iPod shuffle clips easily onto my goggle strap, and the earbuds have a variety of interchangeable sizes so you can get the right fit. I love this!

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