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British Swim School Products

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ABOUT British Swim School

British Swim School® was launched in 1981 by Rita Goldberg to help protect children from drowning, the number one cause of death in children under 5. The British Swim School has a number of locations in the US where children are taught how to float on their backs when they are as young as 3 months old.

Rita Goldberg, the founder of British Swim School, has taught children how to survive in the water for 30 years. The main skill that children learn is how to float on their backs while calling for help. She also wrote the swimming book "I Love to Swim!" to help children become more comfortable in the water and familiar with swimming. When children are less afraid of the water, they can better perform their survival training: rolling over and floating.

The founder of British Swim School has served as a board member of the US Swim School Association and is affiliated with the World Aquatic Babies & Children Network (WABC). The British Swim School's unique teaching styles have made it a success. When it comes to young children learning how to float, the British Swim School and their products are well-known and trusted in the swimming community.



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