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    Amanda Beard Mother's Day Contest

    Celebrate Mother's Day by going swimming with your kids!


    Swimmer Amanda Beard is not only a four-time Olympian and seven-time Olympic medalist, but also a mother to son Blaise, age 3. She recommends introducing your kids to swimming and water safety at a young age and explains that learning to swim at an early age opens up a lifetime of healthy activities in-and-around the water.

    Amanda will be taking her son swimming on Mother's Day, what will you do with your kids this Mother's Day? 

    Tell us your favorite Mother's Day activity by leaving a comment below and you will be entered for a chance to win $100 worth of Aqua Sphere product. The winner will be selected by Amanda Beard for her favorite Mother's Day activity suggestion by May 12th! This contest is in partnership with Aqua Sphere, visit their brand page to see a full assortment of product. 

    Tagged with: #amandabeard #mothersday #aquasphere
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    3 years ago.
    This will by my first Mother's Day as a mom, and I look forward to taking Xander to the beach to visit his Nanny!
    Stacilynn Kelso
    3 years ago.
    Smile! I enjoy spending time with my daughter and my Mom. Some of my best memories were having the many generations of moms, grandmas and kids together. It was loud, crazy and FUN!!!
    3 years ago.
    I waited until I was almost 40 before I had my twins so I fit into that "helicopter" Mom category! Hey, when you give up a career to have kids...the kids become the career!
    So, my expectations of Mother's Day was like "Queen for a Day" and although my husband always made sure to make me feel special and the kids would make a small gift what I really needed was time away to hear "my voice". So, when the kids were about 6 years old I started a tradition of my "day to get away" on Mother's day. I go shopping, talk on the phone to friends for as long as I want! I come home in the evening looking forward to seeing my family, having missed them and knowing that they missed me too!
    Nicole Shepard
    3 years ago.
    My mother use to let us prepare her breakfast (cereal with a banana) and then, as a single mother of three, she had activities for the day planned. One of my favorite memories was going for a bike ride - she had a bike seat for the littliest , me,and then my brothers would follow on their bikes. She had packed a picnic lunch, bubbles, fishing poles and kites - we never rode too far in the early years - but we were fotunate to have streams, farms and undeveloped outdoors in close proximity. She would let us choose what direction we went in, when we'd stop for lunch and then stop to blow bubbles or fish for a while or find a nice open field and fly a kite - she made us feel like we were controlling the day - it was great. As far as swimming - my Mom started us as infants - a course through the YMCA called Water Babies - all our activities and vacations include swimming. I intend to acclimate my new son, 3 weeks old, to swimming at an early age!
    3 years ago.
    I am taking my two Grandchildren to the beach for Mothers day! We love to be in the water and what a great way to spend our time together. Afterwards we will go enjoy a nice refreshing ice cream at the shop on the beach. Makes me warm and happy just thinking about it.
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