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Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (143)

Open water swim

Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (143)

My first triathlon will be early June in Minnesota - my goal is t...

Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (143)

I want to swim a ten k open water!

Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (143)

Ironman Coeur d'Alene 70.3 !

Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (143)

My goal for my first race of the season is to relax and enjoy the...

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    Amanda Beard Mother's Day Contest

    Celebrate Mother's Day by going swimming with your kids!


    Swimmer Amanda Beard is not only a four-time Olympian and seven-time Olympic medalist, but also a mother to son Blaise, age 3. She recommends introducing your kids to swimming and water safety at a young age and explains that learning to swim at an early age opens up a lifetime of healthy activities in-and-around the water.

    Amanda will be taking her son swimming on Mother's Day, what will you do with your kids this Mother's Day? 

    Tell us your favorite Mother's Day activity by leaving a comment below and you will be entered for a chance to win $100 worth of Aqua Sphere product. The winner will be selected by Amanda Beard for her favorite Mother's Day activity suggestion by May 12th! This contest is in partnership with Aqua Sphere, visit their brand page to see a full assortment of product. 

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    3 years ago.
    If the weather is nice I like to go out into the backyard woods & hunt for wildflowers, birds & other critters not normally found in our back yard with everyone in tow. Planting is also a big item - and if the weather cooperates we'll go to B. Forman Park on Lake Ontario - the 'beach' has an amazing amount of great skipping stone rocks.... back in the 1880s these rocks were used to make the cobblestone houses around here.
    3 years ago.
    Our family usually spends Mother's Day going to church and then heading out to Grandma's house where Grandpa cooks us a delicious dinner, all the men to the prep and cleaning up and the mom's and mom's to be relax. This year I was able to get a special deal on an SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) rental so I hope to take my kiddo's to the nearby marina to spend some fun time in the water. My kids and I love to spend any time we can in the water, whether it be the beach, marina, lake or pool. Happy Mother's Day!
    Kathryn Cothern
    3 years ago.
    I am a simple, down-to-earth mom so it doesn't really matter what specific activities my family does on Mother's Day, as long as the family (my hubby, my 3 munchkins, and me) are together as one unit. For this Mother's Day weekend (my last one as a 45 year old!), I decided to sign up for an all women's sprint triathlon at a local resort that the entire family can enjoy. Just like other families, we are always busy with work, kids, school, life, etc. which repeats week after week, so getting away for some "down time" is very welcoming and rejuvenating. Having my family cheer me on while I race is a priceless gift...and so motivating! Since I am usually the cheerleader, encouraging each of my kids at whatever they are doing (sports, church or school activities, etc.) , having it reversed on me by cheering "Go Mommy!" is something that I will cherish so close to my heart. The really unique part of this upcoming triathlon race is that the participants will be swimming in the resort's lazy river pool (with jet streams turned off of course) neat is that! Once the race is done, the entire family can enjoy swimming together in the different pools...making awesome memories. Isn't that what family life is all about?!?! Happy, Happy Mother's Day to you! :)
    3 years ago.
    Well, I know that Amanda will be looking for a swim theme, but over here in Australia, we will be on our winter break. For the last 10 months my husband and I have lived at the pool for training and meets and the ocean for surl life saving training and competitions almost 7 days a week. We love it, as our 3 kids ages, 9, 10 and 11 do, but this mothers day, I will participate in Mothers day morning 10 klm run, and then we will go out for a pampered lunch as a family and finish with my husband cooking us a roast dinner!!! This is what I am really looking forward to!!!
    3 years ago.
    We go hiking and take a picnic lunch for mothers day. We live in Florida so we always end up taking a dip in the pool when we get home. My daughter is a swimmer for the Sarasota Sharks in Florida so we end up having races in the pool! Oh, I can't forget breakfast in bed too :)
    debi krnac
    3 years ago.
    my three daughters and i will be spending the weekend opening day at cedar
    point in sandusky ohio and then as i am a lifeguard and wsi at avon ymca
    we will be participating in SPLASH!! a program teaching the importance of knowing
    how to swim and safety in and around water!!
    my daughters are my greatest lifes work and every day i give thanks for the
    time we spend loving and growing and learning together!
    as i say... swim
    3 years ago.
    I usually get something nice for my wife. You did give me a great idea to take my grandson to the pool. He loves being in the water and is starting to become a swimmer. He just needs to grow a little bit. He is the youngest at 6 years old and needs to grow just a bit. This will give grandma and his mom a needed break for the mothers day weekend.
    Debra Lein
    3 years ago.
    On Mother's Day I will be at a swim meet with my daughter. I am always there to support my daughter not just on mother's day. In my eyes everyday is mothers day because I need to be the best mother I can be to instill kindness, caring, teamwork, sharing, happiness, character and most of all love in my daughter so she grow up to be the best citizen she can be. She will always know that the time I spent with her I was teaching her important life lessons and I was there to support her in her every need.
    3 years ago.
    My kids 9 and 7 have been in the water since they were babies and then the pivotal moment came when they put on masks and watched the fish off the beaches in Hawaii. Now, they come to the pool with me as I swim my laps, they play together and then during my warm down, they swim laps with me for about 100 yards. Very cool!!
    3 years ago.
    Of course, we love to go swimming together! We really enjoy it
    3 years ago.
    Our daughter was born just before Mother's Day 2001 and I came home from the hospital on that Sunday, My First Mother's Day. The 3 of us like to spend the day together doing something outside. It is a special day for all of us!
    3 years ago.
    I'm celebrating my second Mother's Day with a family barbeque including my 13 month old daughter, my mother, and my grandmother. Three generations of mothers, hanging out, eating a good homemade meal!
    3 years ago.
    My girls love giving me home spa treatment. They pick out my outfit, including shoes, fix my hair, and give me a mani/pedi.
    Diana Lein
    3 years ago.
    My only son and his family moved to Minnesota last year and since they are now 250 miles from us I am looking forward to spending the time with them. Dinner and then either a bike ride(weather permitting) or since my 10 year old granddaughter swims with the Aquajets she will probably talk us all into an afternoon in the pool. Whatever it ends up being, I look forward to spending my first Mother's Day with them.
    Kelly Rankin-Gomez
    3 years ago.
    Riding my bike through the City of Lansing River Trail in Lansing, MI to Hawk Island Park with my family. It's alot of fun and a good way to get in shape.
    Mary Beth Tucker
    3 years ago.
    My typical mother's day is spent taking the kids to church, being thankful that I am a mother to 2 of the greatest kids in the world! This mother's day weekend though, will involve a 5K Electric Run with one of my kids and then on Sunday, a 500 yard swim with the other. I love that they get how important being fit is...even though this is fairly new for all three of us. Happy Mother's Day!
    Christina Fieldhouse
    3 years ago.
    I absolutely love to go to a forest preserve and let the kids run around and then have a picnic lunch. Any outdoor activity is wonderful when spent with kids and their laughter. Our pool will be open by then but living in Northwest Indiana, we have to wait until it warms up.
    Valerie Abbey
    3 years ago.
    Last year I took my Mom to the pool and swam in the relaxing pool and had a fun time working out together. My mother in law joined us who is a non swimmer but walked around the pool getting her exercise while she chatted with us. This year we all plan on making this a tradition together. I recently have been diagnosed with Hodgkin lythomia and have been undergoing treatment and surgeries. In despite of these hardships we are all still going to the pool on Mother's Day but this year will look a little different. We all plan on water walking with resistant gloves. I used to be a water aerobics instructor so we will incorporate those exercises. My kids and husband plan on joining and cheering us on too. We plan to carry on this new Mother's Day tradition regardless of hardships.
    Valerie Abbey
    3 years ago.
    Last year I brought my Mom to the pool and we relaxed and swam in the peaceful pool . My mother in law joined us even though she's a non swimmer and got her exercise by walking around the pool and chatting with us while we did some kick board. This Mother's Day will be different. I have been diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymyhomia and have been undergoing treatment and surgeries so I'm not strong enough to swim yet. My Mom, my Mother in law and I plan to still get back into that pool on Mother's Day but this time we are all going to water walk with our resistant gloves. I used to teach water aerobics so I plan to incorporate some of those moves so we all get exercise and my kids Colleen 14 and Andrew 12 and my wonderful husband will cheer us on. I can't wait to keep this tradition alive reguardless of our challenges life brings us.??
    swim mom
    3 years ago.
    I've has to have chemo and radiation treatments for Hodgkins also. I have two children myself. I know it's tough times, but I'll tell you I feel letting my daughter join the local swim team was the best thing I've ever fine for her since giving her life! Hang in there and keep swimming.
    3 years ago.
    My 31 yr. old daughter and I will begin Mother's Day with a masters swim workout at LMU with our master's group, SCAQ. I first introduced her to the pool at 8 weeks old, and she introduced me to masters swimming 3 yrs. ago. We both have a love of swimming that has grown into a wonderful bonding activity.
    Cara L.
    3 years ago.
    Swim meet, of course!
    3 years ago.
    My all time favorite Mother day thing I Love to do is wake up , really make breakfast , give my kids all big hugs , tell them how much I Love them! Then it's off to the Beach for some fun in the sun, just play, get them to swim laps with me in the Ocean! ...
    3 years ago.
    I love when the weather is nice to grill and picnic outside with my family and my dogs.
    3 years ago.
    My favorite mother's day activity is going for a gentle hike with the kids, then playing on the big playground near the library! I'd like to go back in time to when they were younger...
    3 years ago.
    First picnic on the beach of Lake Michigan.
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