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Barefoot Gypsy Products

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ABOUT Barefoot Gypsy

After successful careers and volunteering stints, Barefoot Gyspy owner Krystal Lorbiecki found herself itching for a way to merge her love of fitness, philanthropy and encouraging others to live life to the fullest. As a self-professed road-trip junkie, Krystal used her love of road travel to create the name Barefoot Gypsy.

The goal of Barefoot Gypsy is to awaken your inner gypsy and encourage a healthy and athletic lifestyle. Whether it's beautiful jewelry to accessorize any outfit or a cute raglan shirt that embodies Barefoot Gypsy's ideals, all of the clothing has the air of a free spirit. With whimsical designs that evoke the breezy quality of the south, the worldliness of the earth and the calming nature of a long drive, Krystal looks forward to sharing her ideals with customers. Between Barefoot Gypsy's philanthropic work and their fitness ambassador, Barefoot Gypsy merges the gap between shopping, health and inspiration.