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On A Mission Products

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ABOUT On A Mission

On A Mission (OAM) is an environmentally-conscious company and a great supplier for surfers. Well known for riding the wave of durable and eco-friendly surf products, OAM has a foothold on the future. Surfers appreciate OMA's philosophy to help both the surfer and the environment with great surfing products that use recycled and biodegradable materials.

The OAM surfboard wax is a great example of a high-quality surf product that are beneficial to the environment. The OAM board wax is designed for the environment's needs. The packaging on the board wax is from biodegradable vegetable products. The labeling is from post-consumer waste paper. But the OAM board wax does not sacrifice performance; The wax comes in all different textures and is made for different temperatures.

On A Mission has a global surf team of 16 and includes surfers like Jay Davies, Jesse Hines and Benji Weatherly. Turned on to OAM by their surf products that are great for the surfer and the environment, there are 31 surfers in the OAM army. Spreading the word of eco-friendly surfboard wax, the OAM surfers are keeping their feet planted on their boards while keeping their carbon footprints light.



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