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Nite Beams Products

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ABOUT Nite Beams

NITE BEAMS™ is the inspiration of founder Mike Alexander who was struck with idea of running safety after he almost struck a runner at night. Afterwards he began researching options runners had for nighttime safety. He was looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use product that could provide long-range high visibility for runners. Sadly, he couldn't find any product on the market that could meet his expectations. Rather than lamenting his misfortune he decided to take matters into his own hands and established NITE BEAMS.

Alexander's idea was simple: attach bright, long-lasting LEDs onto a durable, weatherproof band to provide the lightweight, long-range visibility he so desired. Still, countless hours went into producing and perfecting his signature line of LED arm and leg bands. When it comes to running safety, no expense can be spared. To him, it was more than a business venture, it was his way of raising awareness and helping people.

It didn't take Alexander long to perfect his arm and leg bands. Soon after he began tackling other projects as part of his mission to bring safety to runners from all walks of life, in as many convenient forms as possible. Aside from the popular LED armbands, the full line of LED products from NITE BEAMS, such as the LED running cap, provide the great quality and protection the company has prided themselves on.



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