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Freestyle Audio Products

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ABOUT Freestyle Audio

Based in San Diego, Freestyle Audio™ is the leading provider of action sports audio technology for use in water, snow, and other extreme environments not friendly for consumer electronics. As the makers of the world's first waterproof and shockproof MP3 player, the company strives to be an industry leader in innovative products that promote an active lifestyle.

Freestyle Audio features high-quality accessories to accompany its waterproof mp3 technology. The company believes that for athletes whose playing field is the water, there's one important element missing from the perfect swim or the wildest ride: the element of music. Athletes today don't just listen to music; they use it to fuel their workout enjoyment and performance.

As such, the Waterproof Earbuds are the perfect accessory to take swimming, rafting, surfing, boating, wake-boarding, skiing, or snowboarding. The earbuds are adjustable, sizeable, form-fitting — designed to hold the headphones in place while keeping water out — and completely submergible up to 10 feet. Always on the cutting-edge of technology, Freestyle Audio's selection of durable, waterproof audio devices continues to grow without compromising style or price.



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