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ABOUT AquaNotes

AquaNotes was created by a "Shower Thinker" who always had great ideas while in the shower. However, his ideas rarely remained intact due to water damage on his notepad. He wanted to create a waterproof way to effectively jot down notes while in the shower. Soon, AquaNotes was founded.

AquaNotes are made with recyclable, waterproof paper that's soy-based and non-toxic. In addition, the pencils are water-resistant and are made with Incense Cedar wood. This type of wood is a renewable resource that meets strict environmental requirements. Water quickly repels off each notepad while a convenient suction cup on the back side keeps the notepad secured to your shower wall. However, AquaNotes aren't just for the shower. They can be used anywhere where a traditional notepad might get damaged such as boating trips, the pool, outdoor jobs like construction, or college dorms to name a few.



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