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Nothing can ruin a perfectly fine day at the beach like damaging the electronics you brought. It could have been a camera, phone or set of speakers. Or, you brought a book that accidentally ended up soaked through. To prevent such incidents from occurring and add an extra layer of protection against sand, storing these items in a waterproof dry bag when you're not using them ensures your day stays pleasant. 

You can enjoy the benefits of bringing media devices and even food with you near the water by stashing them in a waterproof bag. If you plan on taking a board or boat out on the water where waves might splash, having a special stowing mechanism helps. These bags close and lock securely to keep water out and constructed with an impermeable material. 

We have a variety of waterproof dry bags to protect your things while you enjoy the beach. Some are made for a few small items while others can carry more, including clothing, food and lotions. Choose one to suit your needs from quality brands like Channel Islands, DRY PAK and OverBoard