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Since 1985, TYR has dedicated their innovation to athletes everywhere, helping them obtain peak performance. With that goal in mind, TYR hopes to create the fastest, most advanced swimsuits and jammers for athletes and triathletes. Not only performance-driven, TYR's array of products in the swim market today stand out visually and technologically.

Now, TYR has created their most advanced performance and training fabric in the form of this Durafast™ Elite product line. With the Durafast™ Elite motto of "Swim strong and never fade," the products hold true to that message with the expansion of TYR's prior polyester fabric technology. The Women's Asteroid Diamondfit swimsuit is just one of the many Durafast™ Elite products made 100% Chlorine proof, providing durability and a comfortable fit for countless laps in the future.

With the ability to sustain over 300+ hours of use, the Durafast™ Elite technology features a high denier poly fiber and innovative circular knit construction. The Men's Durafast™ Elite Solid Jammer Swimsuit provides athletes with 100% Colorfastness, letting you train longer and faster than ever before. The 94 / 6 combination mixes Polyester and Spandex to form a superior relationship while maintaining a comfortable hold on your body. Not only technologically advanced, the Durafast™ Elite line features visually stunning prints, splices and solids in a wide spectrum of vibrant colors.