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Zoggs Phantom Elite Goggle
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Triathlon Gear & Accessories

Triathlon is a unique sport that demands skill in not just one, but three disciplines. Every sport requires a certain set of gear tailored to its specificities. In triathlon, the participant must procure the right gear for swimming, cycling and running. Unfortunately, sometimes the best gear for cycling doesn’t benefit the triathlete still wet from the swim and aiming to save some of their legs for the run. The most efficient open water swimming wetsuit can be too difficult to quickly remove during transition. Though their sport asks for skill in multiple disciplines, triathletes do not always gain much from high-level gear focused solely on the elite open water swimmer, cyclist or runner.

As triathlon has grown and developed in the sporting world, so too has the making of gear tailored to the triathlete’s needs. Brands like Aqua SpherePearl IzumiVelo PressOakley and Louis Garneau, to name a few, have created products geared toward triathletes. We have fuel and racing beltscycling and running shoes, bags and helmets specifically for triathletes. Many of these items include quick-release systems for fast transitions. We even have timing straps that stay on throughout the entire race as well as guides for the beginner triathlete. Shop with us for all the gear an avid triathlete needs.