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ABOUT Towel Taker

The Towel Taker was created by avid beach goer, Kristen Racanati. After spending a weeks vacation at the beach, Kristen quickly realized how annoying it was to carry her towels to and from the beach. Beach bags, plastic bags and even draping the towels over her shoulder did not solve her dilemma. Carrying cold, wet, sandy towels was becoming a hassle and she sought out a way to rectify this problem. She wanted a hands-free way to carry her towels to and from the beach without the mess. Kristen went to the drawing board and created the Towel Taker, a revolutionary way to carry your towels. The Towel Taker now takes the hassle out of going to the beach. Not only can it carry up to three towels, its adjustable straps make it easy for adults and kids to use! With three colors to choose from, the Towel Taker is perfect for all ages! Next time you plan your trip to the beach, make sure you have your Towel Taker! When it’s time to leave, just strap and go!