Testimonials at Swimoutlet.com
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View testimonials from some of our Team Customers.
  • Dr. Sam Freas - Oklahoma Baptist University, Head Coach

    I have worked with countless swimming suppliers and was once the owner of a swim supply shop. I have never met a more congenial, hard-working, aim-to-please group than the folks at SwimOutlet's Team Division. I couldn't be happier with them as our Team Dealer.

  • Adam Cremieux - Westmont Swim Club, Head Coach

    We've been a loyal customer of SwimOutlet for the last 3 years - for everything from fins to tech suits to bungee cords to nose clips, and all of our apparel. The customer service is fantastic!

  • Coach Brent Mitchell - Metroplex Aquatics, Head Coach

    SwimOutlet is the best swimwear company Metroplex Aquatics has worked with in its 13 years of existence. They are a hands-on company that takes pride in us being happy. The customer care from their Team Division is amazing. We will never go anywhere else. They treat us like family.