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The Team Affiliate Program

SIGN UP NOW Referral Fee! Easy & Free Setup! Want to Raise Money for You or Your Team? Join the Affiliate Program!

It's a way for you or your swim team to raise money by referring people to shop through You get 8-10% from every order you refer!

Simply share your SwimOutlet link in a variety of ways: on your website, Facebook, Twitter, through the free tools we offer, etc. This will bring shoppers directly to our website - you don't have to do anything else! We sell the widest variety of aquatic related product including more than 500 brands. You can attract a very broad audience to shop through your affiliate account. When people shop through your SwimOutlet link, you make money!

Digital Banners

We have over 70 digital banners of different sizes and designs for you to choose from. Put them on your website or in emails. Your website visitors simply click on the banner, place an order through our website, and you or your team automatically get 8-10% of their order amount.

We provide FREE customized waterproof vinyl banners for you to hang at your pool facility. We have a variety of designs for you to choose from. Your banner includes your team's affiliate URL in addition to whatever messaging you would like!

This banner can be out year round or hung up at meets to remind the entire team, parents, and pool visitors to support your team through your affiliate account. Your unique affiliate URL can reach hundreds or even thousands of people!

Vinyl Printed Banners
Business Cards

Let people know to shop through your affiliate account by passing out our FREE customized business cards. These can even be passed out to their friends and family. The more people in your network supporting your team, the more money you'll raise!

Team Store

The Team Store is a new feature that lets you build your very own online store in minutes. It can be embedded on any website or can host it for you!

Mobile Shopping

Check out the mobile version of on your phone at! Parents, fans, and players can shop using the team's URL right there on the pool deck!

Affiliate Testimonials

  • Stan Valacer

    Stan Valacer

    Head Coach - Pusch Ridge Pirates

    We have been a part of the SwimOutlet Affiliate program for quite some time now and it works great to raise funds for our swim team! The Team Store was very easy to set up and it will be easier for our families to use in addition to the regular affiliate link.
  • Triathlete & Competitive Swimmer

    Silver Jade Deutch

    Triathlete & Competitive Swimmer

    The process of setting up my affiliate store was very simple and there are many great products to choose from. I went from creating the name of my store to having it live online in a few short steps. It was easy to add more products even after the store is live. Additionally, provides great instructions on how to create the store and frequently follows up with new ideas and suggestions with how to better promote it.
  • Land Heintzberger

    Land Heintzberger

    Triathlete & Multisport Coach

    Setting up my affiliate store could not have been easier. provided easy step-by-step instruction and I was able to have my store up and running in less than 10 minutes. My overall experience with has been extremely positive. It's helped me to open up a new way to generate revenue with my coaching business, and also to offer the best products to my clients.
  • Liam Gallagher

    Board Member, Paramount Adventures

    The SwimOutlet Team Store is a fantastic fundraising tool that allows our club to raise money by purchasing the equipment we need. The quick and easy ordering from our customized store has streamlined the process all while helping the club financially. Our account rep was very responsive and made our business feel appreciated and has encouraged our members to continue to utilize all aspects of SwimOutlet.
  • Cindy Gilmore

    Parent Board President, Lancaster YMCA

    Setting up the team store was a success! understood exactly how to display what we requested and gave us easy step-by-step directions on how to embed the team store on our website. has been a great partner in turn by giving back to our team; we are grateful for this support!
  • Liz Fiddler

    Swim Shop Coordinator, Billings Aquatic Club Stingrays

    The SwimOutlet store front was exceptionally easy to set up for our swim team. We had fantastic help from the affiliate manager when we had questions and got the store up and running the same day BAC was approved. Team parents are very excited and we have earned over $50 in credit for our team in just a few days! Excellent fundraiser!

Questions? View the Team Affiliate FAQ

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