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TYR Women's Team Jogger Pant
4 Review Stars By Amy14 1/17/2021

Nice pants, a bit long

I love these pants! I love that they have a tapered leg, and zippered pockets! I usually wear Adidas tiro pants, but they tend to slide down on my hips and the rise is too long. Not these pants! Nice secure waistband, nice deep zipped pockets that fit my phone while biking to and from the pool, and nice soft, breathable material. The one issue is that the pants are too long. I'm 5'3" and got a size small, and they're about 3" too long. I just cuff the banded part at the bottom then the length is just about right, so not a big deal, but they seem to be made for people with very long legs.

TYR Hydrofoil Kickboard
4 Review Stars By Masters Swimmer 1/17/2021

Kicking Laps

It's a kick board - stiff enough not to fold off the wall. Other reviews reference it being too small and not buoyant enough. I say don't sit in it, kick harder. Actually, it's small enough to fit in my pool bag, and I quite like the hand hold cut outs.

Native Yoga Heavy Weight Falsa Mexican Yoga Blanket
5 Review Stars By Diana 1/17/2021


What a wonderfully useful and affordable thing! I am so glad I went ahead and bought it, even though I hesitate to buy new things I'm not sure I really "need". I got it primarily for picnicking which has been a more regular occurrence these days with outdoor distanced socialising, and it's great for that-- easy to shake clean, nice and thick but not bulky. It's also great for my home yoga practice, for padding my knees, sitting on as a meditation cushion, or placing over myself for a bit of warmth or weight- I wouldn't have gotten it just for that, but now that I have it I use it all the time. Excellent quality just like the ones in the studio.

Everyday Yoga XW 36 Inch and XL 84 Inch Yoga Standard Mat 5mm
5 Review Stars By Sonja E. 1/17/2021

Great Yoga Mat!

I bought this for my stepdad and he loves it!