FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro
5 Review Stars By Swim Champ 2/9/2021

Great Device

Excellent technology to improve strike rate

Bettertimes Mini Lap Counter
4 Review Stars By Caitlin 12/13/2020

After issue with incorrect numbers, got one that was correct

I recommend if you order one of these checking it immediately, so that you do not end up in a situation where you have a number repeating as I did the first time that I ordered the Bettertimes Lap counter. SwimOutlet was awesome about letting me return my defective one, and the new one is perfect with all of the numbers.

Bettertimes Lap Counter
5 Review Stars By CCHS swimming 11/2/2020

Great product

Wonderful product.
Very sturdy and for the description perfectly.

Finis Floating Island
5 Review Stars By SwimOT 10/11/2020

Loved it, Great for pool therapy

We use this for pediatric pool therapy to develop core stability and gross motor coordination as well as a surface to hold therapy items like floating puzzles. It will eventually wear out and pieces come off, but its an amazing tool and well worth it. We have full sized ones as well as ones we cut into smaller islands. Keep an eye on any little ones, they seem to love taking a bite out of this thing. Bonus tip: Squiggz stick really well to this and kids love it.