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Not everyone runs before the sun or indoors. Plus, most running races are outdoors on trails and routes through cities and parks—right under the sun. If you spend most of your training time outside in the sun, consider investing in sunscreen and skincare products. Even if you train without sunshine, having a case of sunscreen handy is beneficial for those days you do spend time in it. Also, investing in sunscreen helps prevent annoying shirt, short and shoe tan lines.

When looking for reliable sunscreen, think about your own skin type and what kind of activities you participate in where it’s sunny. If you have fairer skin, you’ll want a more heavy-duty sunblock to withstand sunburn. Activities that cause you to sweat, like running, would require a sweat and/or water-resistant makeup. Some sunscreens are specifically for the more delicate skin of your face while others work better for the rest of your body. You can also think about whether you prefer sprays or lotions in application.

We provide a number of sunscreen and skincare options for you to choose from. Browse our selection for sunscreen in a medium you prefer and a strength you need. Our products come from quality brands like Coppertone, Headhunter and Kinesys.