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Speedo Fastskin & FSII
Fastskin II: Scientifcally Proven to Increase Speed!

Designed in the Speedo Aqualab, Speedo collaborated with the world’s top swimmers and coaches, as well as experts in the fields of physiology, biomechanics, and computational dynamics. By examining how water flows around a body in motion, Speedo found a hybrid of two exclusive fabrics, Fastskin and Flexskin, that reduced drag and maximized performance. The characteristics of the fabric mimics the dermal denticles on a shark’s skin, whose shape, roughness and texture correspond with changing surface water flow. It’s a suit fine-tuned for one purpose: to help you go as fast as you can.

When compared to the 1st Generation Fastskin, the male Fastskin II full Bodyskin has 4% less drag, while the female Fastskin II has 3% less drag.

Why the Shark?

Speedo chose to model the Fastskin II after a shark because of the animal’s unique characteristics. Although a shark is very streamlined, the flow of water along its surface is complex and the characteristics of flow changes as the water moves along the skin. Rough dermal denticles can be found at the nose of the shark, while smoother ones are located futher “downstream” of the nose, where the flow characteristics are significantly different. This results in a surface that is optimized to reduce drag across the entire body of the shark – a process that has been mimicked in the Fastskin II.

What is the Turbulent Management System?

Race cars are built for speed and reduced drag, analogous to the revolutionary Fastskin II. By utilizing computational fluid dynamics testing akin to the Formula 1 race cars, Speedo was able to develop and test ideal placement for the Turbulence Management System. This ingenious two-fold system breaks up water flow and reduces drag with the use of carefully inserted vortex controls made from 3-D titanium silicone.

What is the Neutralizer for?

Literally meaning to counteract or reduce the effect, Speedo experts concurred their Neutraliser, located on the Flexskin part of the inner forearm, coats the fabric with a scale of 3D titanium silicone. Due to the sleek and smooth nature of the Flexskin fabric, this can cause swimmers to lose the “feel” or “grip” of water, and the Neutraliser aims to recover this sensation while swimming.

Fit & Care Tips for the Fastskin II
  • It is advisable that you put a dry Speedo® Fastskin®II on a dry body.
  • To fully utilize the technical aspects of the suit’s construction, make sure the front crotch seams meet at the hip bones.
  • Slide the suit over your feet. Start by sliding a plastic bag over each foot first. This will allow the suit to go over more easily. Gather the fabric and then work the suit onto the legs as if you were fitting pantyhose or long underwear.
  • Gradually work the remainder of the suit over the rest of the body. Note that it may seem difficult to get over the hips at first.
  • Once the suit is on, the zipper should be fully zipped and locked.
  • Test the fit by moving your arms in natural stroke patterns. Since the suit is designed to provide firmness through the mid-section, you will feel some tightness as you bend over. Remember, the Speedo® Fastskin® FSII is a compression suit.
  • Any long sizes (for example, 28L) are designed for long torso swimmers, not necessarily for someone that is tall in height.
  • Rinse suit separately in cold water as soon after use as possible. Lay flat and allow suit to fully air dry. Do not bleach. Do not use detergent. Do not machine wash, dry clean, or iron.

Tags: Fastskin II, FSII, FS2, Fastskin 2


Tags: Fastskin II, FSII, FS2, Fastskin 2