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Speedo Breaststroke 4 Hope

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The ongoing fight to end breast cancer has splashed its way into the pool. One in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. The fight to slow this steadily rising rate is advertised everywhere, but has made its way into the fitness world, specifically with swimming.

Speedo® and Breaststroke 4 Hope™ have created a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money for breast cancer awareness. Through local swim-a-thons and the official Speedo® Breaststroke 4 Hope™ collection, the organization hopes to inspire the aquatic community to make a difference one lap at a time. These collectibles feature the color pink, such as the Women's Rainbow Stripe Flyback swimsuit, which not only supports breast cancer research, but comes with the exquisite quality you expect from Speedo® products.

The Breaststroke 4 Hope™ collection aims to spread awareness about this cancer that effects thousands of men and women each year. Their mission is to provide funds for early detection through swim-a-thons and Breaststroke 4 Hope™ products. Teams can also show support for breast cancer research with the "Breast Team Ever" Speedo® shirt, a product in the collection available as well. In addition, 4% of all purchases of the Breaststroke 4 Hope™ product will be donated back to the organization.

You and your team can help slow the rate of breast cancer one lap at a time with Speedo® and Breaststroke 4 Hope™. Together, swimmers and athletes everywhere can do their part to support this constant battle that plagues so many women and men each year.