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When you need a reliable pair of running sunglasses, there’s a few things to think about. You must think about fit—whether or not the shades have the proper mechanics to stay put and not bounce around. If the sunglasses stay on, what keeps them there? You need to know if the nose and earpieces are comfortable. They must also have enough ventilation so the lenses don’t fog up and your face doesn’t feel claustrophobic. Additionally, the lenses shouldn’t obscure any telling shadows –they should improve parts of your vision without sacrificing others. You can also check for aerodynamic performance if you’re looking to shave off seconds in the next race.

If you’ve decided to run in sunglasses, you want a pair that doesn’t bring some new distraction to keep you from squinting. Luckily, we have a collection of quality running sunglasses for you to explore. Choose from trustworthy brands like OakleyTifosi and Smith Optics for a specs and styles you’ll love wearing.