AeroMat Elite High Density Firm Foam Roller 6
5 Review Stars By Diana B. 12/22/2020

Delivery & product

A welcome Christmas gift for a family member. Product delivered on time.

AeroMat Elite High Density Foam Roller 6
5 Review Stars By Andrew J. 8/25/2020


Works great! High quality. Seems like it’ll last a long time.

Pro-Tec Athletics Calf Sleeve
4 Review Stars By Tri-ing in PA 4/4/2020

Good compression

I ordered according to the size chart and it feels true to size for me. I wear it running due to shin splits and it provides the desired amount of support and bonus warmth. Compared to other calf sleeves I have, this one is shorter so it doesn't cover as much of my lower leg as I would like, but it does the job I bought it to do.

Pro-Tec Knee Pro-Tec Patellar Tendon Strap
4 Review Stars By Mike 11/4/2019

To small

I like it but to small.


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